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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2013-06-27 06:20 pm
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Sorry if I haven't always responded recently. Hotmail is flaking out.

I use a Hotmail account for Dreamwidth, and for the last few days, I've been confronted with... pretty much what all these people have seen.
Debi Lynn · 1 hour 51 mins ago

I have been trying for 24 hours to get in, I don't even get the sign in page. SOOO frustrating. tried to get the messages sent to my gmail account and that freezes up too.

Henry Chen · 4 hours 16 mins ago

I am having problem on and off with log-in to hotmail account this past few days. I like the old hotmail better! If they keep this up, I will have to use gmail as my primary mail from now on!

Sheldon Ferdman · 6 hours 35 mins ago

live is not working in woodland hills california 91367

Jenny Scherry · 6 hours 55 mins ago

Down all morning! Poooo! I have work to do!

Cryst Opia · 7 hours 6 mins ago

is hotmail changed lay changed can't understand it can't view my inbox

Mary Barrios Brown · 7 hours 27 mins ago

I can't access my account

Scott Brunner · 7 hours 28 mins ago

Hotmail won't load and when it does, its a blue screen with a different layout. Bring back the old Hotmail. Outlook sucks.

Lucious Barnes · 7 hours 29 mins ago

My situation is like everyone else's. The page and the links are all fragmented, and even the broken pieces are inaccessible. I am expecting some important mail today and this is....well... very "not good."

Judy Horn · 7 hours 43 mins ago

My email page will not load on my computer but I can see on my phone?

Atta Pazoo · 7 hours 43 mins ago

It takes forever to get to my Hotmail Account and when I do the complete page is broken up and none of the folders are readable or accessible

Lori Millett · 8 hours 3 mins ago

This is the last straw for me...I'm dumping Hotmail.

Rich Dorning · 8 hours 21 mins ago

can't log into hotmail

Kelly Ann Hays · 8 hours 27 mins ago

I too cannot check my mail on or outlook as it is called now. I use google chrome and decided to check out internet explorer to see if I could get into from there and I was able to and also w/ mozilla(after 2 to 3 minutes of waiting for it to load). I'm not sure why chrome is not working w/ hotmail and I don't wish to change browsers everytime I want to check my email. Please help me figure this out!!

Laurel Bertrand · 8 hours 35 mins ago

I can't access my hotmail account through Windows Live right now. I have been trying for an hour and am waiting for a time sensitive email.

Marion Findley · 10 hours 47 mins ago

Cannot access my hotmail, just won't open. This is a recurring problem. Looking at all the comments and complaints, the change over to Outlook is a failure and about time someone dealt with it!!!

Jane Duffin · 11 hours 46 mins ago

I can't log into my hotmail either - I've been trying since 9 am. appears in the box along the top of the screen with a little circle going round and round and there it sticks. So annoying and inefficient.

Allan Ramsey · 11 hours 55 mins ago

After applying my account details and password waiting forever to login to this has been happening a lot recently bring back HOTMAIL PLEASE

Visual Candy · 12 hours 18 mins ago

Hotmail is getting worse! So annoying! Will have to look for another provider!

Fran White · 12 hours 25 mins ago

I can log onto Hotmail, but then it takes AGES to load, to go from one page to another and to send things. Grrrrrr. So annoying!! has been like this a lot lately. Don't you just love computers. Let's bring back letters :)

Boinard Tang · 13 hours 6 mins ago

Logged in after 15 minutes but cannot access any messages. All hotmail accounts have been like this for the past few weeks. Our gmail accounts loads within 5 seconds. Please can hotmail fix this.

Martyn Scholes · 13 hours 11 mins ago

Ever since Hotmail changed to Outlook the service has been a joke. I've used Hotmail for over a decade and never had any issues. That's the only reason I'm so reluctant to change providers. Microsoft are getting quite accomplished at messing things up these days. Oh and Skype is absolute rubbish as an alternative to Messenger as well.

Matty Allen · 13 hours 11 mins ago

Site down. Cant log on. Its been bad for the last week.

Tracie Morgan · 13 hours 22 mins ago

Like others, I can input email addy and password then thats as far as it gets. This is becoming frustratingly frequent and if it continues I will have to consider an alternative provider. At the moment the "Outlook" is bleak!

Mick Pace · 13 hours 35 mins ago

Hotmail simply not working. As others have commented, login screen loads and accepts account name and password but the next page is not loading. Carrier pigeons, morse code and smoke signals more reliable right now. 'The bigger they get, the harder they fall', Microsoft!

Marija Vranjes Lukic · 14 hours 26 mins ago

I have tried to access my hot-mail. NOTHING! it goes to the page but nothing then open up (This is after input of email address and password, really annoying!

Pauline Clare · 14 hours 29 mins ago

Cant get into Hotmail at all. This is a regular thing so I am going to gmail for everything now and deleting my Hotmail account. The service is rubbish!

Jayne Springer · 14 hours 37 mins ago

Could not access Hotmail yesterday. Cannot access today. Loads really slowly then if you manage to get into your Inbox, cannot open anything. What is going on?

Sandy Yates-smith · 20 hours 8 mins ago

havent been able to access the sign in page all day... whats up.. need to get to my mail !

So I'll be responding to comments now. :D;; Should have just checked DW earlier, sorry. (The semi-hiatus week is not the best time for Hotmail to bug up, no...)

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