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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2013-07-03 10:53 pm
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So HabitRPG is basically nonfunctional due to JavaScript issues.

Yes, it's technically usable, but it makes whichever browser in which it's open randomly freeze. No thanks.


Today, I... er. I didn't do much.

However! I did think of original-fic*, and yesterday (sorry) I worked through exercises in a How To Draw In 3D book. Aside from that, I... rewatched some Film Brain episodes, surfed Tumblr, and ate at the local Red Robin. Erm... Yeah, I really need more time efficiency.
...It's so much easier to admit that online than IRL (in no small part because people online don't start yelling at me).
(Incidentally, I also need to become ambidextrous so I can write with my left hand if my right starts cramping. *sigh*)

* Namely a deeply-sarcastic deconstruction of the YA urban-fantasy genre from the POV of the [female] best-friend/sidekick. Unfortunately, it's absolutely generic at present, so I would have to work on it if I want to actually write it...

I'm also cleaning out tabs on Mozilla Firefox.
...And I'm reviewing material I couldn't learn for the life of me during the hiatus, and... *shakes head and rubs forehead* What was wrong with me? What was supposed to be so hard about these concepts? Maybe I only seem to be understanding them better because I'm not putting that to the test by trying to do homework problems with them, but this is bizarre.


On FE: Awakening, I now have Ricken and Maribelle! Since Miriel is still L1 due to my using Kellam as a Lon'qu DEF-booster, I'll probably actually use Ricken primarily this time! (And ship Ricken/Maribelle. *woo*)
(Incidentally, Kellam is not that good a unit on his own, but +5 DEF is very helpful on Glass Cannons like Lon'qu. *tip*)

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