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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2013-07-07 07:43 pm

Note: surfing Tumblr with a Image Block/Unblock addon sort of ruins the point of the site...

But dang, it does load much faster. *whistles*

(To be frank, the entire Internet gets much less 'noisy' with this add-on turned on. I may go back on this, but I'll say right now that I might leave this turned on much more often. There's still the 'look at me!' from text formatting-and-colors, but it's not of the same magnitude.)

...Honestly, I don't know if this is just the usual joys-of-organization or if I genuinely have a visual attention problem. Of course, the entire human race is distributed across an attention-span spectrum, so the distinction may be meaningless.
...The strangest thing is that I used to be one of those people who are really loud about "CLUTTER=GOOD" and "CHAOS DOESN'T AFFECT ME". So I'm baffled as to the cause - perhaps it's a byproduct of my brain maturing and being less able to take random interference? *shrug*


On the fandom side, I'm up to the Mad King Gangrel chapter of my third run. I've been having a bit of fun with the Bonus Box options (having FINALLY taken advantage of wireless when I had it), so Cordelia is promoted and Elberta!Avatar has Ignis. :B Also, I have ghostly copies of Matthew, Eirika, and Florina floating around in my party. Hooray for transdimensional nonsense! :D

Note: the items gained from saving more than one villager on Paralogue 3 aren't worth it, so there's no need to really bother. It's just for bragging rights. (In case you're wondering, I managed it by having Florina ferry over... Frederick? Something like that... to the other side of the river and using my three Peg. Knights to steamroll everything. Hooray for flyers!)

I have Cordelia/Lon'Qu, Chrom/Elberta, Sully/Stahl, and Donnel/Nowi locked in, so I'll have five excellent child units in waiting once I get to the point where I can unlock them. What do I need the rest of my army for, again? Ah, right - lockpicking. Well, that's why Anna's in the game, i figure.

Unusually, I'm using Kellam, Panne, Maribelle, and Ricken as main-line units this time. (Yes, I used Ricken last time, but he was secondary to Miriel.)

...And I just had to restart Mad King Gangrel, due to completely forgetting the victory conditions. Er, nevermind. Would you believe I didn't remember that it was 'Defeat ALL units' rather than 'Defeat commander'? Not that it mattered, since I walloped it in 5 turns on the second try, but... still, embarrassing.

So, yeah. Two chapters until I get Ignis!Lucina, and several more until I get Galeforce!Severa. (Kjelle may be obtained at any time, since Sully and Stahl don't pass down any make-or-break skills. Nah COULD be obtained at any time, but... Oh gad, those enemy units... D8)

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