guardians_song: A crop from FE7's Arcadia CG showing Nergal and two villagers chatting over scrolls. (scholarly)
guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2013-07-07 09:41 pm

So, today:

Weather here was nice and sunny; rather hot, but that's to be expected from the middle of the summer.
Ate at Max's. I recommend their turkey burgers.
Learned 40 words of French, as I mentioned earlier. ...That said, I need to work on the grammar, but I figure learning the vocabulary won't hurt. The flashcards do include prepositions, so I'll already know some of the grammar when I do the actual reading lessons.
Cleared a few levels of Fire Emblem: Awakening. I might shelve the game for a bit after this run - it's a wonderful game, but three runs in a month or two IS a bit much. :D;; I have one or two other games to try out, so I'll tell you how those go if I do make my third one the last for a while.
I'd recommend Cat333Pokemon's 8-Bit Remix: One, as it makes for good background listening. (Incidentally, if you have any restriction on your ability to keep replaying YouTube videoes.... *cough*there are video-downloader Mozilla add-ons*cough*)

...Yes, I realize this isn't much. Sorry. I need to cut down on my gaming time, and I need to budget my time more effectively. ...And I need to not sleep in so much on weekends, etc. I suppose I need to get it through my head that there are only forty-eight half-hour intervals in every day, and sixteen or more of them are spent sleeping. So a half-hour really is a sizable chunk of time. :\

At least putting things down online is helping me see that I have a problem...


Incidentally, I got back from my Dad's a few days ago. This is fortunate, for the summer weather is having bad effects on the maintenance at the apartment complex where he lives, and it's falling apart at the handles. ...Literally.
There's your amusing internet photo for the  day...

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