guardians_song: Part of Fire Emblem 7's Chapter 19xx CG, colored (comfort)
guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2013-07-14 10:18 am

This isn't forgiveness, it's just...

 ...accepting that certain people IRL are batshit insane. No, I don't mean that in an ~ableist slur~ sense, I mean it in the 'genuinely lack the capacity to realize that certain of their actions have been/are/will be wrong, literally lack the understanding to be educated, and will forever lack comprehension of why people sometimes react towards them in a certain way as a result'.

And I'm not happy to say that. One of my core beliefs is that there is always a way to solve a situation, no matter how obscure, arduous, or unpleasant it might be. There should be a way to reason and communicate with people, no matter how old they are, stubborn they are, or cognitively wonky they are.


This is part of growing up, I guess.

(Anyway, no, not looking for sympathy. Just ranting into the ether, because it feels too pointlessly masturbatory to just write this down in a Word file and stuff it in a deep, dank folder of My Documents. Don't mind the Whiny Twenty-Year-Old Wangsting.)

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