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Complaint about another meme going around on Tumblr:

(Yes, I know I just shouldn't be stupid enough to go browsing around the Tumblrs of people heavily into SJWing. Sorry. I've been away from an internet connection with enough capacity to handle Tumblr's constant picspam for long enough that I've forgotten the obvious.)

If a guy starts saying what you are doing is reverse sexist, he is obviously threatened by what you are doing. He’s threatened because he thinks there are only two ways to be: powerful or powerless. He assumes you asserting you rights is a way to take power away from him. He assumes you wanna “switch places” with him. He knows you get treated like shit and he knows he gets advantages from your imposed inferiority. He’s fearing REVENGE, girlfriend. His fear of “reverse sexism” is basically an admitation on his part that he knows you get treated like shit and does not want to switch places with you.
Bikini Kill “Girl Power” zine (via sissypunks)

*pinches nose* Speaking as someone with an obsession with power dynamics... this is ridiculous.

No, it does not mean that he thinks there are only two ways to be. He thinks that you are trying to place him in the POWERLESS position. That is INDEPENDENT of the existence of all other positions. He may very well believe in an EQUAL position but still believe that you are not acting in a manner that places him in the EQUAL position. Yes, of course he's bloody threatened. That's kind of what it means when someone says you're being "-ist" against them. I mean, who in the WORLD would not respond "Thank you, Captain Obvious" to the following quote?

If a lady starts saying what you are doing is sexist, she is obviously threatened by what you are doing.

Is the pinnacle of Internet Feminism now stating the obvious as though it were great wit and insight?

And "He assumes you asserting you[r] rights is a way to take power away from him" is, more accurately, "He PERCEIVES that what you PERCEIVE as asserting your rights is a way to take power away from him". Yes, I know I'm quibbling, but the accuracy leaves room for "What might be done to correct this?" rather than dismissing the possibility of reconciliation out of hand. I'm also tetchy about that point because the reason why I can't care about "invalidation" is that I've dealt with person(s) who seemed outright convinced that contradicting them on the most minor of points - such as "Not everyone wants to be helped 100% of the time" or "Some people want to be left alone when distraught" - was awful, mean nonsense that totally contradicted their perception of reality as a Nice Person. So, yes, said person(s) could probably type with a straight face "They assume you asserting your niceness is a scheme to take power away from them"*, when, in reality, their "Niceness" is what's problematic. And, as such, I do NOT assume Milady Internet Righteousness is always correct in her perceptions, even as I acknowledge that Herr Internet Men's-Righteousness is far more often the one spouting nonsense. 
*(In fact, they do, in slightly different words. But the entire "I am an ~EMPATH~" mentality is a complaint for another post.)

And no, complaining that something is "-ist" against you does NOT mean that you bloody think that the other person wants to ~switch places~ with you! Again - believing that someone wants to put you in the POWERLESS position doesn't mean you don't believe in the EQUAL position. If I hypothetically lived in a world where many people believed English majors were inferior to Math majors "hypothetically" lived in such a world?, and people decided to circulate "Math majors are nasty, brutish, and short" flyers to "combat major-privilege", that WOULD be "reverse majorist". It would NOT be the same as campaigning for major-equality. And if, believing absolutely that I was in a position of power and privilege, I feared English majors "switching places with me" - hate to break it to you, that wouldn't be major-ist either. It could stem from recognizing that the majorist system was FUBAR and that it needed to be dismantled, and that switching from being at war with Eurasia to being at war with Eastasia would NOT fix the problem. If I wanted to STAY in that position of power and privilege and KEEP the English majors subjugated, that would be bad. But an English-majorarchy would be wrong for much the same reasons for a Math-majorarchy with the main difference being that it would have a bunch of dubiously-produced and heavily-massaged essays justifying its existence rather than a bunch of dubiously-produced and massaged statistics justifying its existence. One state being bad doesn't mean all others are good.

From a slightly different angle - fearing being put in the POWERLESS position is not an admission that you want others to be put in the POWERLESS position. And I'm not concern-trolling here - the implied equivalence of the two disturbs me.

Finally, I fundamentally do not understand the portrayal of revenge as High Righteousness. Anywhere. I do not, in fact, understand why power fantasies and purity fantasies are mixed at all, and I will talk about that in another post.

And I know I'm supposed to be on hiatus, sorry, but I had to speak up. I've hit that point in Tumblr SJW-observation that it's become less a matter of pointing-and-laughing and more a matter of being deeply creeped out.

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