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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2013-11-26 07:39 pm

Shortest damn Randomizer Nuzlocke in history.

Acquired Blitz the CHARMANDER, Rival got BULBASAUR.

Not rigged. Apparently the choices were Charmander, Bulbasaur, and... Gastly?

Blitz came with Flamethrower. OHKO.

Route 1 possibility: POLIWRATH. Uh... 8% chance of capture? Thanks, but no thanks. Ran like hell.

Route 22: PSYDUCK. Possible, but it carried Bubblebeam. *headdesk* There went THAT chance!

Route 2: PIKACHU!!! :D Thank heavens, this won't be a Charmander solo after all. Named it Zap.

Leveled Blitz to 10 and Zap to 8 on Route 2 VILEPLUMEs and Route 1 POLIWRATHs, respectively.

Viridian Forest: MR. MIME. Actually caught it at red health after 5 or so balls. Named it Psyker.

Leveled all to 10 after seeing how fast Psyker leveled on Route 1 scrubs.

One Bug Catcher had a team full of Crabhammer!Magikarps, another was unchanged.

Route 22!Rival had a Bulbasaur and Pikachu. Guess how fast they were KOed.

Now, Brock's Jr. Trainer... had a L11 Diglett as his first Pokemon. It outsped everyone. Its only move was Dig.


Now, when I went on anyway and powerleveled L13 Blitz to L16, he swept the Gym with ease. And I KNEW I should have done that initially, but decided to just run on in because LOL WHAT'S TEH WURST THAT COULD HAPPEN?

So... okay, declaring this one lost. It was a fair-and-square screwup, and I can't even call bullshit because it wouldn't have been bullshit if I'd intelligently powerleveled.

Considering that Psychojoe apparently wiped before Bugsy three times in his attempts at a Gold Randomlocke, I take this as a fairly typical Randomlocke result and am actually quite chipper about it. :) Aside from the oh-THAT'S-why-Raticate-was-always-a-nightmare do-over in the Red run, I haven't had any proper Nuzlocke OHCRAP results, so this revitalizes the challenge.

Also, I now can say that I've managed to outdo [personal profile] dinogrrl at Shortest Nuzlocke Ever epic fail. :P

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