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Starter: BIO the L5 Pidgey, Drill Peck/Peck. Choices were that or Bellsprout/Oddish, don't judge me.
Route 22: ROMHACK the L5 Porygon. Headbutt/Sleep Powder/Stomp...

SLEEP POWDER?! Let me guess, this awesome piece of code is going to die in 5 seconds, because the game is being far too nice to me otherwise.
Route 1: FODDER the L3 Voltorb.

And I'm off to powerlevel to L10 again, which would be more pathetic if I wasn't dodging Ice Punch Seadras all the while/

WAITWAITWAIT, FODDER is actually very good.
Electrode has highest speed in game. OHKO skills depend on speed in Gen 1, and X Accuracy will fix that other embarrassing problem.
FODDER has Horn Drill.
...I think I misnamed it.

Route 2
: HORSEMAN the L3 Wartortle. Spike Cannon/Tri Attack/Doubleslap.

ROMHACK is actually very good, by the way. Headbutt flinches most things and Sleep Powder puts the rest to bed.

THIS TIME, there was no trouble with Brock. This may have been because of his Gym's newfound Goldeen fetish.

Mt. Moon route: Bought AVENGER the Marowak from Magikarp salesman. Came with Bone Club, Skull Bash, Mega Kick, and Dig.
Mt. Moon catch: STATUS the L8 Nidorino... who carries Spore. (And Toxic. And Poison Gas. And Acid.)

I take back what I said about ROMHACK, THIS guy is the potential MVP. Any Pokemon he outspeeds

...In fact, he's going to be temporarily benched because he essentially soloed Mt. Moon once I got him up to L10-L14, and thus wound up at L20. Since I don't want this to be the Saga of Spore!Nidoking,

Outside Mt. Moon: BAGEM the L8 Poliwhirl.

Also, ROMHACK died an unceremonious death to a L10 Jolteon's critical Hi Jump Kick during grinding. Er... goodbye, old friend, and WTF. It seems I predicted your death uncomfortably well.

Being heartily ticked off, I KOed the beast with STATUS. Because sweet WTF, of all the things to fear from a Jolteon, HI JUMP KICK should not be one of them. (Don't ask where Voltorb stores its Horn...)

Did some grinding up to L15, then ran off to Rival.

L18 Weepinbell -> OHKO from BIO.
L15 Charmeleon -> 2HKO from HORSEMAN.
L15 Jigglypuff -> OHKO from AVENGER.
L17 Ekans -> OHKO from AVENGER.

West of Cerulean Bridge catch: L10 Weepinbell, named WAS.
North of Cerulean Bridge catch: L10 Paras, named JOKE.

I love Grass-types. I do not love RBY Grass-types. I don't care if WAS has Solarbeam, Poisonpowder, and Petal Dance, I just don't like them. Unless they're from the Venusaur or Exeggcutor lines, I guess.

STATUS de-benched for Misty. It and HORSEMAN... made a laughingstock of the Gym. >_> Seel and Kabutops?

Dig!Rocket had dangerous L17 Voltorb. Had to Thunderpunch my way through it with FODDER to avoid Horn Drill cheese.  ****ING HELL,  his L17 Machoke carried Counter. AVENGER miraculously survived with 2/50 HP and switched out to HORSEMAN, who quickly disposed of it.

Daycare Man route: L13 Charmander with Barrage, Minimize, and Flamethrower. Named him FITZBLACK and added to my party.
Above Vermillion: TRELAWNEY the Jynx.

L16 Tentacool with Bone Club took off half of FODDER's HP in a single blow, but FODDER 2HKOed it. WTF, Bone Club?!

Diglett's Cave: TRUE BRO the L21 Slowbro, who hopped in the first ball I threw at him (with Sleep status).
East of Vermillion: Dupe clause, L12 Pidgeotto... Dupe clause, Poliwhirl evolution line... Ah, L17 Kabutops.

SLASH FAN carried Clamp/Conversion/Rock Slide, and TRUE BRO Bubblebeam, Bubble, Confusion, and Barrier.

...Tell you what. I'm trying to play by a 'Withdraw only if a Pokemon dies' clause, but if one does, I'll consider TRUE BRO for a slot.

Old Rod catch (outside S.S. Anne) was... a Magikarp? :\ Something's wrong there. But I'm nonetheless grabbing it, because a Gyarados could save me if i have some unexpected deaths pre-E4. Until then, OHHAI MARK stays in the PC.

Eh... stopping there for tonight. I'd say it's gone very well, and my only concern is that my Pokemon may get overleveled.

Current Party: FITZBLACK L17 Charmeleon, STATUS L21 Nidorino, HORSEMAN L21 Wartortle, BIO L20 Pidgeotto, AVENGER L17 Marowak, FODDER L19 Voltorb
Deaths: ROMHACK L5-13 Porygon
Commentary: Without ROMHACK, I wouldn't have HORSEMAN or STATUS. The crazy PORYGON will be missed.

For balance, I don't know if I should rank STATUS as five levels above his actual one. He can Sporelock anything that he outspeeds, since RBY's sleep mechanics don't allow a Pokemon to attack on the turn it wakes up (!), so my main excuses for using him are speeding up grinding (since he'll KO anything after a switch-in if he survives the first move) and ensuing that he'll keep to a high enough level to be ABLE to outspeed, because Nidorino/Nidoking only has Speed base stat 65/85. He's OP for this segment of the game, because the Trainers are set to have randomized Pokemon of the same difficulty as their actual Pokemon, but he'll start encountering serious trouble when speedy Pokemon with Ground/Psychic STAB start popping up.

...For now, I'll rank him as a regular Pokemon and just keep his levels even with the rest of the team. After all, I remember some incidents in Psychojoe's run when he went 'LOL THIS IS GETTING EASY'... followed by a near-complete team wipe and a scramble back to the Box. Spore!Nidoking will not save me everything. (Especially since I'll have to decide if I want to evolve Nidorino before L50, when he'll be getting his last [randomized] move.)

I think I have a solid team right now. I'm meh on BIO and FODDER, but Dat Horn Drill. *cough* Besides, BIO will make a good Fly jockey if he falls behind. Charizard/Nidoking/Blastoise/Pidgeot/Marowak/Electrode would not make a bad final team. :);;
I do think that Psychojoe's rules are better than the silly random ones I was using. Let's face it, a Ground/Ghost Snorlax with 180 base Special or whatnot can barely be called a Snorlax at all, and Nuzlockes are about Pokemon Hard Mode more than 'Game Vaguely Resembling Pokemon' Hard Mode.
Though if there was a Ground/Ghost Pokemon with 180 base Special, I'd name it Teraconic and use it for all it was worth. *broad grin*
Now, SOME of this is because I haven't caught any fully-evolved Pokemon - if I'd snagged the Alakazam (or, heaven forbid, the MEWTWO) I saw in Mt. Moon, I suspect the difficulty level would abruptly drop. (Or the Dragonite in Viridian Forest. Then again, Psychojoe lost his Dragonite to a Flareon with Blizzard.) Some of it, however, is because it works.
I am slightly annoyed that I missed that he had randomized TMs, but oh well. I'll do that in a later Randomlocke. Random TM moves ARE popping up in Pokemon movesets, however... Bide appeared in the failed attempt, and Bubblebeam and Toxic have showed up here. Thunderbolt, Mega Drain, Psywave, Fire Blast, and Fissure will inevitably make appearances.

Now watch my Rival show up to the Championship with 5 Alakazams (and one Victreebel), or something similarly cheesy. *headdesk* At least I have the option of refilling from my Box and praying for the best if I run into absolutely HORRIBLE bullshit...

On that subject: Psychojoe's completed Red Randomlocke is here, and his failtastic Gold Randomlocke is here. Give them a look, will you?

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