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Balanced Blue Randomizer Run, Pt. 3

West of Fuchsia: Caught DENATURED the L25 Venomoth, who carried Poison Gas, String Shot, Poison Sting, and Ice Punch.

CRITDEMON is now L26. I mean, L28.

Safari Zone catch: PEEL the L23 Seel, who only had Take Down. I also failed to catch a Krabby and an Aerodactyl (****!) in a prior zone.

Finally swapped out Bubblebeam for Surf.

East of Fuchsia: I FINALLY caught a Growlithe. I named it IMPERIAL. It carried Thundershock, Fire Blast, Supersonic, and Flamethrower.
Well, I now have a substitute for FITZBLACK if it falls in battle. HOORAY!

Also, HORSEMAN has finally evolved into Blastoise.

Actually, things just got a lot more pleasant. CRITDEMON got Hypnosis.
CRITDEMON has one of the highest Speed stats in the game.
It has nowhere near 100% accuracy, but it WILL make life far more pleasant for CRITDEMON's negligible physical bulk.

Was alarmed to find a L38 Golduck in Koga's Gym, so I moved over to Saffron. FITZBLACK became a Charizard and learned Amnesia as its level-up move. That was mainly amusing for 2HKOing a SEEL I decided to fight for the laughs. Hey, when you've Amnesia-boosted twice, type advantage is nothing to fear...

Silph Co.!Rival's Pokemon:
Electabuzz L37: OHKOed by AVENGER (once I got out of that bleeping Wrap loop...)
Koffing L38: OHKOed by AVENGER
Tentacruel L35: 3HKOed by CRITDEMON (yes, I REALLY need that Mr. Psychic TM...)
Starmie L35: 3HKOed by HORSEMAN
Victreebel L40: 2HKOed by FITZBLACK

Lapras: Was a... Nidoran male. Uh, and DUPECLAUSE was its name-O...

Giovanni's Pokemon:
Growlithe L37: OHKOed by HORSEMAN
Magmar L35: OHKOed by AVENGER, though not before ripping off over half its HP with a Flamethrower. Uhhh, Marowaks don't have good Special stats, do they?
Koffing L37: OHKOed by CRITDEMON
Persian L41: 2H/1H-KOed by a STATUS/HORSEMAN team. Sorry, Persian's critical chance is no laughing matter.

Karate Master's Pokemon:
Porygon L~37: rapidly KOed by STATUS
Seel L37: 2HKOed by HORSEMAN

Choices: Dodrio and Staryu. I carry a grudge, so I chose Staryu and named it HYPER BEAM. It indeed carried Hyper Beam, Crabhammer, Bubblebeam, and Quick Attack.

Sabrina's Pokemon:
Electrode L37:
Parasect L37: OHKOed by FITZBLACK
Arbok L38: OHKOed by AVENGER
Seadra L43: 4HKOed by HORSEMAN

CRITDEMON ditched Thunder Wave for Ice Beam. Well, now I know what to do if some wretch pulls out a Dragonite...

Koga used X Attack on his first Abra. *facepalm*

Koga's Pokemon:
Abra L37:
Dragonair L39: Almost 1HKOed by CRITDEMON, then took off almost half CRITDEMON'S HP with Double-Edge and KOed itself.
Bellsprout L37: 1HKOed by FITZBLACK.
Golem L43: 1HKOed by HORSEMAN.

Off to Surf!

South-of-Pallet Catch: WTF L30 ARTICUNO?!
Caught on the second Great Ball. ...Knowing the Sleep mechanics does take a lot of the challenge out of Gen 1.
ICELORD was sent to Bill's PC. Its moves were Bite and Leech Life.

South-of-Pallet Ocean: L20 Machop, named MAI BOY and promptly sent to PC. Actually took more Balls than the Articuno. Its moves were Wrap and Double Kick.

Cinnabar Mansion: MAGNETO the Magneton obligingly hopped in the first ball thrown at it. Its moves were Thundershock, Ice Punch, Thunderbolt, and Quick Attack.
...Hm, I've been looking for an Electric-type, haven't I? :\

I also learned Venusaurs carry Thunder. FITZBLACK was very displeased to learn this, but survived.

Old Amber was Koffing, and Dome Fossil was VENUSAUR. VENUS and KOR were boxed. Let me clarify: I am NOT using KOR under any circumstances. Count it as a duplicate catch. But my Item Box is full, and I needed to convert KOR from an Old Amber to a Pokemon so I had more space. Capice?
KOR carried Softboiled and Headbutt, and VENUS Petal Dance, Thunder, Fire Spin, and Toxic. Holy bleep. I'd say 'Marry me' if I had any spaces open on my team. (Remember, this is Gen 1 Thunder! It has 90% accuracy!)

Deleted STATUS's Toxic to make room for Bonemerang (since STATUS's entire strategy is to spam Spore, Toxic has no usefulness whatsoever) and decided that, with a STAB Ground move finally appearing, it was time to use my fifth Moon Stone.

Blaine's Pokemon:
Machop L42: BIO handled this one.
Gastly L40: STATUS tested out its new Bonemerang.
Kadabra L42: BIO went for the OHKO.
Snorlax L47: STATUSed to death.

STATUS is proving just as exploitable as I feared he would be... And you know what? I don't care. I'm only using him as a 'cheat' when all my Pokemon are low and I can't be bothered to crank HORSEMAN up to full health and have him sweep, and otherwise just keeping him on an even keel with my other Pokemon.

Dang, though, he's seriously better than a vanilla Gyarados or Dragonite...

Giovanni's Pokemon:
Growlithe L45:
Mr. Mime L45: 2HKO by CRITDEMON.
Golbat L44: 1HKO by... yes, Psychics are overpowered in Gen 1.
Blastoise L50: 3HKOed by HORSEMAN after several Smokescreens and a Meditate. HORSEMAN is L46, in case you're wondering.

Rival's Pokemon:
Kadabra L47: CRITDEMON took care of it.
Goldeen L45: Selfdestructed onto HORSEMAN.
Bulbasaur L45: 1HKO by BIO.
Tentacruel L47: Have I mentioned Psychics are overpowered?
Gengar L50: STATUS dispatched this one.
Victreebel L53: 2HKO by FITZBLACK, who was L41. That's just... wow, that's just...
Rival, you are an awful Trainer...

My hideously underleveled strike force:
STATUS L42: 132/132
FITZBLACK L41: 123/123
CRITDEMON L43: 87/111
HORSEMAN L46: 97/151
AVENGER L41: 111/111
BIO L41: 135/135

I hate to say it, but the removal of the Gyarados and Alakazam alone weakened Rival beyond repair.

Pre-Victory-Road catch: L26 Rhydon, named SURFBAIT.
Victory Road: L39 Beedrill. D| Named it LASTCATCH and washed my hands of it.

Moltres was a L50 Raichu.

Okay... now, as much as I'd like to charge into the Elite Four screeching a crazed battlecry, I acknowledge that I need to grind. Like, BADLY.

So I'll do a failtastic Elite Four run for your entertainment, then reload and embark upon a SERIOUS grinding run. :P If I don't get to the end with Pokemon all at L50 - THEN I have a problem, and I will take it as a legit loss. But for now, it's all a joke.

Current Party: HORSEMAN L47 Horseman, BIO L43 Pidgeot, FITZBLACK L44 Charizard, AVENGER L43 Marowak, STATUS L44 Nidoking, CRITDEMON L45 Alakazam
Deaths: ROMHACK L5-13 Porygon, FODDER L3-L23 Voltorb, SURGEGUARD L20-24 Raichu

See you next post, in Balanced Blue Randomizer Run: OHGADWHYYYYYYYY!