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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2013-11-30 12:20 pm

...*buries face in hands*

Update: Syaoran's team sleepwalked through Champion Gary, modifications or no. Mostly because he had no chance to attack. (Except with Venusaur, which fired off a successful Swords Dance before I could defeat it.)

I realize this is because enemy Trainers have no DVs or Stat Exp., whereas the player's Pokemon do. I must conclude that the only way to make Gary - or, indeed, ANY enemy Trainer - significantly tougher is to give them max DVs and/or max Stat Exp. Of course, that would make them not so much 'tough' as 'nearly impossible to beat with underleveled Pokemon', since you'd be fighting LEGITIMATELY high-level Pokemon... so. :\ And the codes are confusing (why must there be two of them?), so I'm not that interested in creating them, anyway. This txt document has all the base codes, so anyone who's interested could try.

Just... jeez, Gen 1's Trainers are busted in more ways than their movesets. :\ Not going to lie, I find that really disappointing. I understand that there are pleeeeeenty of ways to make the Elite Four more difficult, but I'm dismayed that good movesets and decently-leveled Pokemon can send you through the game's toughest Trainers with OHKOs.

Eh. Maybe what I need is a break from Gen 1, rather than going on to Yellow? Methinks that, with Gen 1, absence makes the heart grow fonder...

EDIT: I think I'm going to register for the Nuzlocke Forums. I understand the NO POSTS UNTIL YOU HAVE CONTENT rule, so I hopefully won't get warned. I'm interested in seeing if Psychojoe's consistent bad luck on Gold Randomlocke is just his curse or whether there's something peculiar about Gen II...
Watch me get killed off repeatedly in a SILVER Randomlocke instead! How original. :P

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