guardians_song: Part of Fire Emblem 7's Chapter 19xx CG, colored (Nergal and children)
guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2013-12-16 12:56 am

Doing better!

I was too pissy yesterday to post - I was pretty much vegetative, but nothing of the few things I did seemed to be going right. I lost interest in a ROM I was playing, I had no inspiration to do anything constructive, I totally botched a drawing I was doing...

But late in the night, I managed to de-botch the drawing* and generally started feeling better, so all's well. :) Also, I need to edit a Nuzlocke post I was doing - urgh, the quality of the writing... |P

So I'll just note that massive PMS is apparently a possible side effect of the flat phase. Good to know. (Other possible side effects: hives. *runs off to submerge self in Benadryl*)

* signs that you may be frustrated with a drawing: filenames for various versions include 'Blaaaaaarghhh.png' and 'BALRARGARGAH.pdn'.

Also, jiggle up a random number and check out these get-a-prompt memes!
HC Meme
Angst Meme
Three Types of Love Meme

Hope you're all doing well!

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