guardians_song: Ken Sugimori's concept art of the Pokemon starters, with the main characters and rival beside them. (Pokemon)
guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2014-01-09 06:20 pm

Hokay, time to do a new section of Poisoned Haven.

*sigh* I don't know what I'm worrying about. I HAVE Grass/Poison types out the kazoo, and the only thing you need to really do to survive Rock Tunnel is make sure you have something to OHKO Geodudes and Gravelers.

Now let me figure out what to call this Zubat. Let's see...

I didn't realize my Golbat had Confuse Ray! That makes it MUCH more useful. Mainly because I hate confusion and I hope the A.I. does too.

Managed to avoid any calamities from the Self-Destructers. Had a horrible moment where Absorb failed to OHKO, but the Graveler wasted its turn on Defense Curl instead and all was all right.





I just beat the ENTIRE Celadon Gym in 20 uses of Twineedle. While taking no damage EXCEPT from Tangela, which got off a few rounds of Bind due to being only Grass rather than Grass/Poison, because my Beedrill outsped every single one.

You see, Bug is super-effective against Poison in Gen 1, rather than being resisted by it. (They should have kept that. It actually makes Bug-type moves usable.) So all Grass/Poison Pokemon? Have a 4x weakness to Twineedle.

I just found what Beedrill's niche is supposed to be. You know how Butterfree's Lethal Joke entry notes that it's ideal for taking down Bruno? Beedrill just absolutely MAULED the Celadon Gym. And it wasn't overleveled, either. I just walked in with a level 24 Beedrill and walked out with a level 29 Beedrill and the Rainbowbadge.

Stopping for now. That was a VERY satisfying new section.

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