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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2014-01-13 03:00 am

Someone on the Nuzlocke forums was born in 1999.

I feel old.


Beginning to do checklists! I have a mental... glitch regarding completing things or doing things past a certain point, so I'm writing stuff out so as not to be such a coward any more.

If I can get these working, I'll go through my Nuzlockes and complete them, then start working on other tasks. I have a new bookshelf, so my room is FINALLY clean. (My mother is somewhat stupefied. As am I.) So... I'm not an utterly hopeless case on the organizational front.

And someone on the Nuzlocke forums just completed a Monotype Yellow run in a week or so, so I need to get to work on my own runs. *sigh* And doing equivalent stuff in real life, too. I... really lose track of what I'm doing if I lose momentum.

...Feck, I have unwatched movies I've gotten from friends as Christmas gifts. I need to see them.

(In case you're wondering about Habit RPG - I turned it off when I went up to my dad's for the break and never got around to turning it back on. I know, I know. I've been very distracted lately.)

I think part of my problem is that I perceive a lot of things as Things That Need To Be Done, and if I have too many out in the open I just... can't decide. Like, everything is higher-priority than everything else, and so nothing gets done. Is that an attention-deficit issue? (And sometimes I get somewhat overloaded due to hormones, and I desperately want to do something, but nothing appeals. That's a big time-waster.) If it is, well.. at least I'm figuring out how to handle it.

...That's disgusting. I'm actually less antsy after putting my tabs in alphabetical order. (Thankfully, due to a bad crash, I only have five of them open. Still... Psyaiaiaiai.) Urgh. Maybe, for me, 'orderliness' is synonymous with 'getting in touch with my inner obsessive-compulsive'...

I'm also contemplating using to decide my choices when I can't prioritize correctly. I've found that I can successfully enslave myself to 'external' rulesets even when I can't self-motivate... regardless of whether or not I devised said 'external' rulesets. (This is a realization courtesy of the Nuzlocke forums, so I've benefited from them.) So I'd be able to obey the choices, even if I wouldn't be able to obey my own choice if I tried to make one.

Alternatively, I can make the actions tied to something compulsive enough that I'll get through with said actions on snap decisions rather than worrying about prioritizing it. For instance, limiting compulsive scratching unless I do a certain task. I am going to be forced either to stop the scratching or to do the task. Either route is beneficial! (Ugh...) We'll see how it goes. I can call Bullshit Clause on certain rules if circumstances abruptly make them ludicrous and/or unbelievable, so I do have a failsafe if I limit myself too far.

Anyway, hope things go better. I'm working on it.

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