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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2014-01-22 10:51 pm

Hope everyone's doing well!

Is it really only 10:51 PM? :P I know that's late, but it feels like it's after midnight.

Anyway, life's going well. A family friend from out of town was in the area yesterday and the day before that, so it was great chatting with him, and school's restarted. Ah, schoolwork. Can't live with it, can't live without it. :P Also updated my Mono-Poison Nuzlocke.

I know I need to update Randomized Silver, but I'm scared of that one because I don't remember how to get to Victory Road or what levels I should be for the Elite Four. That one's easier than it should be because enemies have 0 IVs/EVs, but I still get antsy about it. If only Kadabra wasn't Extra Dead Enchanted versus physical attacks...

Going to try a 'Thieflocke' of a Gen 1 game. Yeah, I know, trying to cram in a stupid amount, but I plead a short attention span. I can always cancel it if it bores me.

Hope everyone's doing well!

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