guardians_song: Icon depiction of the sporker Richard. (Default)
guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2014-02-02 11:20 pm

No real subject, just babbling.

Hm. Should probably figure out how to write fluff, given the amount of it that I read.

S'pose the issue is that I prefer to write fics motivated by Teh Dramaz, and fluff usually isn't very... dramatic.

Nonetheless, wrote a Kjelle/Severa S Support. ...Writing quality, what writing quality. >_> *insert tsunning noises in the distance* Might as well limber up the fic-writing muscles...

('S just that I've begun to notice that everyone and their electric rodent can write fluff and I have essentially... zero experience there. So! Time to widen my repertoire!)

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