guardians_song: A crop from FE7's Arcadia CG showing Nergal and two villagers chatting over scrolls. (scholarly)
guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2014-02-09 10:00 pm

Imminent To-Do List:

* Run calculations on extended [topics]. Haven't done it this weekend because I was basically just down for regeneration. Need to do this before Tuesday because that's about the procrastination-interval I need to get it done before the actual deadline.
* Clean screenshots and update Poisoned Haven.
* E-mail professor about [project].
* Do some deep Spring-cleaning on various projects in my head. Distinguish themes, weed out chaff, and determine scheduling. Yes, this is imminent because I've noticed that all I've actually gotten done of said projects is various doodles in my sketchbook. Not exactly what's supposed to be accomplished.
* General deep outlining of my life. Am hitting that stage of need-to-do-this driven by the realization of how much I've actually gotten done (read: not much) that begins to motivate me on any project. Need a point system. H-RPG not cutting it (mainly because I missed several days due to collapsing into bed without checking site and have now suffered death penalty, so don't want to go back right now).

Ugh. There's enough time in the day, but I need more discipline.