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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2014-04-08 04:53 pm

I Have No Brain And I Must Think

Le prix pour une année complète est la somme des prix de chaque volume - Frais de port non compris - Se renseigner auprès de la SMF
What even is that? "The price for one complete year is the sum of the price[s] for each volume - ???? not comprised - ???? of the SMF"?

*looks up on Google Translate*

The price for a full year is the sum of the price of each volume - Shipping not included - inquire at the SMF

Oh, "Frais de port" was an idiom for SHIPPING. :D ...I really need to work on my French. :\ At least I got the (really easy) opening sentence.

Actually, this French math site is really useful. It has French AND English versions of abstracts, so I can brush up on my French math vocabulary while I muddle around. :D Yaaay, today won't be totally wasted! Even if my brain is.

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