Oct. 6th, 2013

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Took break from Nuzlocke to dash through a good portion of Dragon Warrior Monsters.

Grizzly is OP, provided that you have a healer constantly making up for its mediocre defenses.
So is Unicorn, being a healer and all.
Alas, the game's more transparent to me now than it used to be. Just keep climbing up the breeding-ranks...

That's the problem with being an adult and playing your favorite childhood games, I guess: you understand actual strategy, and what used to be heart-pounding battles when you were younger... can be beaten by holding down the Turbo Button when you're older. >_> 

Played for about two hours, I'm guessing, since the in-game clock showed twenty hours and I barely ever took my finger off the Turbo Button.

(I remember a kid at my afterschool who had a team of three Grizzlies... Not sure how that worked when he needed healing, but now I'm certain it was efficient. Attack-Attack-Attack, Win.)

Anyway, probably won't Nuzlocke that game. (Thank heavens - the breeding mechanics alone would make it awkward.) Let's stick to Pokemon for any crazy challenges! :D
Will do Koga-section soon. Bit under the weather, still, but I'll manage it eventually. And after that's Blaine (Fly to Pallet and Surf from there), and then Giovanni, and then the Elite Four! :D ...Definitely going to grind a bit before E4, though...
(L55 Clefable with 5 X Specials can sweep the League. That was one terrifying sight in that one fellow's Monotype Normal run.)
See you then!

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Oct. 4th, 2013

guardians_song: A slightly edited posterized version of King Zephiel from Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken. (Amused)

Interlude: Dragon Warrior I endgame pictures.

I have delusional fantasies considerations regarding 'Nuzlocking' Dragon Warrior Monsters (which wouldn't really work, given that the proper breeding combinations take a freakin' lot of monsters to manage properly) or otherwise LPing a game in the series (with Turbo Button, I could just bolt through the game and show you guys screenshots), so I did Dragon Warrior 1 as a warm-up during a night when I was A) tired and B) unbelievably PMSy. I took a few screenshots of the ending, so here goes...
*whackwhackwhack/victory/* )
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