Sep. 9th, 2013

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Dreamt of playing Chapter 19xx in Hector Hard Mode last night.

Perhaps my HHM run is hinting that it would like to be resumed someday...
Well, that was weird. )
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Mar. 14th, 2013

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Yes, I am using the Fire Emblem Let's Play as a walkthrough for HHM.

Sooo, I...

Oh, yeah. That's why I'm hesitating to even start that chapter. Because HHM gives you eight units with which to do all of Living Legend. Which is a FOG OF WAR chapter now, by the way! That sandstorm dialogue isn't filler, you know! :D

(And, as a special **** YOU notice, you probably do have to rescue Pent this time. Which means, given desert-movement ranges, you have to send flyers over. ...Yes. Through a Fog of War featuring quite a few archers.

</Hector Hard Mode>)

[On the bright side, I don't have to worry about EXP, since I have Ninian < L13. :B I just have to be prepared to sit around in the desert for a while...]

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Mar. 5th, 2013

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Incidentally, I am now on "Living Legend" on HHM.

Had absolutely no idea what my plans were or what I was doing when I Resumed Chapter in the middle of Kinship's Bond, so I just bum-rushed the boss with the killer duo of Guy and Priscilla on Turn 8/11 before the enemy reinforcements could swarm my group. Yes, they're kind of my Arena-Abused Marcus-equivalents. D| I'll... start including more promoted units next time. Walling the left-hand side of the map with CANAS was just ridiculous.

On the bright side? KNIGHT CREST!!! I can FINALLY promote Oswin! 8D

...On the not-so-bright side? I did Arena Abuse-up several people back in New Resolve, so guess how I'm going to have to earn my way to Genesis? That's right. ~70 turns of Ninian dancing in Fog of War. *FACEPALM* (Maybe I can try to baby Heath up for some extra points, since all attempts to raise Fiora were epic failures? ...Maybe?)

That is the sole reason I didn't exploit the Ninis's Grace glitch in New Resolve. I needed 7 levels free for the worst-case scenario. See, I plan ahead!

I may post my current team sometime. ...I am really NOT looking forward to a chapter in which I have only 8 units, one of whom will have to grab Pent and run. I am not looking forward to that at all. Half of what's going to keep me sane in the doubtless-several runs I'm going to have to do of this will be knowing that I'm going to get an Ocean Seal... *arf! arf! arf!*

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Nov. 16th, 2012

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'New Resolve' beaten, Bartre Level 19, Dart Level 20, Hero Crest stolen

Florina will be supported with Lyn (to B) and Ninian (to B). :B

Now, onto 'Kinship's Bond', and HOLY****THOSEAREALOTOFMAGES

...Hector Hard Mode! :D

[At least I can try out my promoted units on a non-Arena level. And Ninian's still level 7, so I have an out if I have trouble getting enough EXP on the desert level... Dance like you mean it, dragon girl!]

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Why is Bartre supposed to be a bad Arena unit, again?

...Oh. Well, being ahead of his Skill and Speed averages at level 15 probably helps. And his low Defense keeps him from triggering the Arena's I Hate You mode...

Bartre? Bartre? You have the same Defense as my level 15 Florina.


...And Dart, you're ahead at level 16, too? O_o Dang, better not die this time... I've apparently been getting some good level-ups.

Speaking of Florina -


...She's apparently acquired the Curse of the Eliwood. Florina, please gain HP! D: Luck will NOT compensate for 3 HP below average when you're already a flimsy unit!

Nov. 14th, 2012

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...Eh? )

Ok, when you go into the arena(like in ch.5 for example) three RNs are used:1
to determine the type of person based on the person going into the arena; 1 to
determine the level compared to the person going into the arena;1 to determine
the type of weapon(Iron,Steel,Silver) again based on the person going into the
arena.......the second RN is used to determine the level......if the second RN
is "high" then the person will be higher than your person. If the 2nd RN
is low then the person that you will be sending into the arena
I'm currently testing it to see how it works specifically, but from this information, you
could get a huge string of arena abuses. Get a long string recorded, and go
into the arena against a low level enemy. I'm not 100% about this, but, I'm
fairly sure that each turn takes 8 RNs if you miss, and 9 RNs if you hit.
So, using this, you eat the necissary number of RNs to get another low level
fight, and another, and another...

I wouldn't believe this is completely correct, because I thought the weapon was determined by your DEF.


...If this is true, then it means it's hypothetically POSSIBLE to RNG-abuse the Arena to get weak enemies. Hmm...

[New Resolve progress: On the last attempt, Dart managed to get hit twice in a row at 40% hit chance, then died when he got hit again three Wyverns later. Yes, he did get swamped by five Wyverns at once. Hector Hard Mode!

This run is going better, though. All hail Wargod Hector, he who soaks up about half the damn creatures without even taking damage. (Yes, I KNOW that's wasted EXP, but there's sadly no setting between 'Hector soaks them up' and 'THEIR WINGS BLOT OUT THE SKY'. No, baiting doesn't work very well. When given a choice between somebody with low defense, damaged HP, and no chance to kill them in one round, and Hector, who will take no damage, has full HP, and will kill them in one HIT... Wyverns will choose Hector. Every. Single. Time. It is the most ridiculous AI failure you will ever see in Fire Embem.)

I guess there's a reason it's Hector's Mode. :P]

Nov. 13th, 2012

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Restarted New Resolve due to mistimed press of B Button in Arena.

Will NOT Arena Abuse Florina. Have given up on Rebecca. Have instead decided to train up Bartre in this level.

Last run with this method failed to Wyverns ganging up on Eliwood, but I'll know better next time. (He survived and killed 3 with a Killing Edge, but the one with the JAVELIN got him. Confound it.) Hector proved that, with enough Vulneraries, he can wipe out the Monks with his mad Hand Axe jutsu, so I'll see if I can repeat that this time.

I do need Bartre to get Karla eventually, anyway. This is for the best.

No, I can't use Raven, because I don't have Oleg's Hero Crest yet and I don't like wasting EXP on a level 20 unit unless I can avoid it. No, I'm not taking any promoted units beside Priscilla and Hector, who acts like a promoted unit after those stat boosts I blew on him, because this is an Arena level. No, I'm really not sure even about taking Florina, to be honest.

But it's pointless to take Rebecca because the Wyverns come about four at a time, so any marginal convenience she provides in eliminating one is offset by having to protect her from the rest of the abominations. At least Bartre can take hits. I already HAVE three sword-users on the field, with Eliwood, Lyn, and Legault - I don't enjoy having strange, disturbing, and scarring experiences with the weapon triangle and 7-move units, thank you.

Whee, Hector Hard Mode!

Oct. 25th, 2012

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All right, NOW I can do the Arena.

Dart seems to be all right with it.

Florina and Rebecca... D| Okay, why does the arena love to give them 800+ bets?

Ah well. I know the FE community looks down upon Arena Abuse, but if I can't Arena Abuse? Rebecca's getting kicked out of this party. I could easily replace Dart with Hawkeye, but I'm fond of ol' Dart. Florina could probably manage on her own.

*sigh* All Arena Abuse was good for on this run was leveling Guy (who I needed for the Kishuna chapter) and Priscilla (who turned out to be unexpectedly useful). It gave Canas and Lucius another level or two, but - I could have done without it. Dart will maybe gain a few levels from this, but...

Meh. I might actually go without Arenas after this. Speaking as a doting Arena addict, that's strange to say, but - I don't need them any more. They're just props.

(I did also level Raven to 20, but that actually cost me, since I went several chapters without one of my best units as a result. I don't like using units that can't gain EXP, you see. D| So I would have been better off just levelling him to 20 manually. Plus, I would have gotten some use out of the Lucius/Raven support...)

Hector killed half a dozen Wyverns in one turn at one point. Cheese? Yes, but the game cheesed me first!

And I am really tempted to ditch Rebecca. D:< Anyway, we'll see what happens when I continue.

Oct. 24th, 2012

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I abandon all my self-respect and sling Level 20 Hector out there as bait...

...because hey, this is an Arena level, and I can always make up the EXP deficit, right?

At the current moment? Five Wyvern Riders have appeared out of the fog.

This is AFTER already killing about half a dozen of them and four Pegasus Riders.

Yeah, I know you're thinking it's orgiastic revelry for Archers, but I only have Rebecca on the field (Wil is even worse), and she can only take off half a Wyvern Rider's HP in one shot, tops. Well, unless she gets a critical - that Killer Bow IS coming in handy.

You see, at level 8, they have 30+ HP, 12 Strength, 8-11 Speed, and 10 Defense. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't find that typical for my level 8 units. The 12 Strength alone makes me want to cry many single tears.

Also, Rebecca's speed right now is so low that Wyvern Riders double her if she has a Steel Bow equipped... But let us not think overlong on that. D|

New Resolve is technically one of the easier levels, but it's coming off as a joke level right now... if a crazed, rather sadistic joke.

Oh, has the reinforcements listed for HHM! :D How nice of them! Let's see...

- Turn 4, 5: A Brigand from above
- Turn 5: 2 Monks in the middle of the map at the right
- Turn 6 to 8: 4 Wyvern riders from above and below
- Turn 7 to 10: 2 Knights next to where appears the previous monks
- Turn 9: 2 Wyvern riders from above and below
- Turn 10 to 12: 2 Wyvern riders from above and below

Uh. Um. Shall I count the number of reinforcements?
2 Brigands. 2 Monks. 12 Wyvern Riders on turns 6-8, and 8 more on turns 9-12.

Pray tell, who at Intelligent Systems had the overwhelming Wyvern Rider fetish? Really. I'd like to know.

(And there were five Pegasus Riders at the start and four Wyvern Riders. So you get to see TWENTY-FOUR Wyverns in all throughout this chapter. Ah... ha ha ha...  *twitch*)

On a happier note, have an amusing post from the official Fire Emblem TFLN Tumblr. I suggested that one... and also this one and this one. Good to see the one about the beard was popular, at least.
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Also... here. Behold how badly I've been doing on HHM.

Keep in mind that I restart every single time someone dies... except for Merlinus.

Hector230811 [First chapter, I bet]
Legault110 [Yes, you're a new character, all right]
Lucius7735 [Arena jockey]4
Matthew732010 [First chapters were Hell on Elibe]
2 [one was Arena death]
1 [Arena death]
[Arena jockey]
1 [Arena death]

Let's sum up those deaths (ignoring Merlinus).

55 restarts.

NOT counting two restarts due to Kishuna's mad dodge moves, and several due to Legault or Member Card Dude running off-screen.

We've done four Gaidens [Merlinus, Badon, Kishuna I, and the holy Chapter 19x, Pt. 2: A Glimpse In Time] and eleven mainline Chapters so far. 3 and 2/3 restarts per chapter, on average.
So let's call it four, because I have some restarts I'm still not remembering that were for non-death reasons. 

Back in ENM/EHM/HNM, I think I did... 1-2 restarts per chapter? Tops?

<Stockholm Syndrome> I love this game! 8D </Stockholm Syndrome>

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Newest 'New Resolve' Plan:

Use some of those KILLER WEAPONS I bought last chapter and see if that boosts the usefulness of everyone who isn't named 'Hector' or 'Priscilla' Rebecca, Dart, and Eliwood.

...Yes, it did take me this long to remember the massive shopping spree upon which I embarked on Dragon's Gate. -____-;;

...I'm actually really enjoying HHM. I feel like putting this amount of mental effort into such a visual game is rebooting a brain that's been underwater for much too long. :D I'm planning things out ahead of time, working out strategies, and making contingency plans if those fail... BASIC LIFE SKILLS Through Videogames! The newest therapy trend!

Oct. 22nd, 2012

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*facepalm* I need to look up how fast the villages get raided in New Resolve

Turn 5? ...Aaaaah-kay, I am SO tempted to have weaponless Level 20 Hector play distraction while Rebecca grabs a Killer Bow from Merlinus and blows those Wyverns out of the sky. She and Dart NEED level-ups. Badly. I've had to restart a few times because she got DOUBLED by a WYVERN RIDER.


(Also, looking at the LP Archive makes me want to cry.

Why? Here are the Level 20 stats of Artix74's Eliwood:

...Who is this wonderful creature, and why is he not on MY team?!)

Oct. 21st, 2012

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Lucius's usual stats at level 16 versus his current ones.


...He's ahead of his averages, yes. But notice where something went hideously wrong?

He has gained ONE point of Speed in thirteen levels. What. His Speed growth is 40%. Holy crud, that's Speed-screwed!

Level 17 Ser Canas, for comparison:

So basically on-target. But he's faster than LUCIUS. O_o
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Yes, please.

(I have four uses left on my sole Lockpick. Don't ask. This is a GODSEND.)

Yes, I did succeed in making it, and I'm currently having Hector stonewall Darin for 15 rounds so that I can boss-grind on weaponless Darin. Let's just say that I'm Eliwood's EXP-stamp monkey and leave it at that. I think he qualifies under the Elibeans With Disability Act... (He has 8 STR. He's level 14. That's the same as Serra's MAG at level 15. And Serra is a CLERIC! She's not SUPPOSED to be attacking yet! )

By the way, those stat-up items I blew on Hector a while back did have one truly hilarious effect. Hector's level 20 unpromoted and Darin is a level 5 General. ...I think Hector is higher in every single stat save RES, and has only one less HP than Darin. And this is HHM Darin. He has stat bonuses.


(Wargod Canas allowed me to actually blitz the area in time. ...He's faster than Lucius by two points. Lucius.

Your arcane majesty, please stay on the steroids. Their effects are wonderful to behold.)

Oct. 18th, 2012

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Who Is John Legault?

Yes, I'm using BOTH Sain and Kent. Don't ask.

Also, Nomads, stop suiciding against Priscilla! You're wasting valuable EXP! D:

Ah, effery. Got Member Card, but Legault fled off-screen before I could blockade. Back to the beginning of the chapter. :|

Strategy works, but I need to eliminate Cameron faster. Doesn't help that Kent's STR is ridiculously low compared to Sain's, so he's little good as a boss-buster. And Sain, meanwhile, has extremely low DEF...

Whee! Back to the starting point! -_______-;;

(Hey, at least this is better than how I was doing...)
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*checks LP Archive*

" Oh boy, here we go. This chapter is a nightmare if you're trying to come out of it with Legault, the Member's Card, and everyone alive and well."
...Thank you too bloody much.

At least it gives the 'use the side passage' tip. That will be useful.

(No, Legault does NOT unlock the top door in this mode. Yes, that means you have to bum-rush the whole thing WHILE ALSO unlocking the door, keeping Matthew from getting killed by the Shaman swarm just beyond the door, etc. Hence why the side passage is preferable.)

Well, at least I have Wargod Sain on my side. *sigh*

(In case you're wondering, my current 'Wargods' are Sain, Oswin, and Hector. Guy and Priscilla are promoted, so they won't count until I have more promoted units and can say whether or not Guy and Priscilla are unusually good, or just riding high off the promotion bonuses. :P)
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