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2014-06-11 11:23 am

Hm. Buggerfuck.

I don't have the time for {LJ/DW AND fanfiction} AND {Nuzlocke Forums} AND {Tumblr}. Hell, I barely have enough time for ONE of the above and Real Life.

I don't get it. I had more time at the very beginning of the summer... :\ I don't understand it, though I suppose I should be glad I have more going on in Real Life. Still - it unnerves me to notice that I have to either go days without updating Tumblr or without updating Nuzlockes. And of course I've unfortunately made a joke of LJ/DW.

Heck, I haven't even had much Tumblr interaction except at night...

Oh well. I've people on Tumblr with whom I need to stay in contact, but aside from that I need to cut back. *sigh* I also updated a Nuzlocke, which gives me leeway. (Silver Randomlocke is two updates away from completion! :D) And...


Cut rambling. )
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2014-05-18 11:43 pm

Bweh heh heh.

I think I figured out the characterizations for my Camp NaNo protagonists. ...Admittedly it embarrassed me to realize that I've done this "trio" before (in fanfic form - I took certain canon characters and interpreted them in a direction to my choosing), but at least I know I can get passionate about this bunch. I crashed on the earlier fic because events occurred that basically destroyed all my self-confidence, and the plot outline for this trio is embarrassingly gung-ho, but this is a more cynical take on the whole matter anyway. If I can maintain a certain level of competency in interpersonal relations, I SHOULD be able to get these three going.

Now I have to figure out the plot. :\ It's a fix-fic trio, so I have to put them in a setting where things are indescribably screwed-up. Old setting(s) used Harry Potter. I also... considered something in Fire Emblem (Elibe), but it basically sandwiched all three characters into one and had the other two as paler versions of their respective archetypes. I could have written THAT one, but I unfortunately got too eaten alive by real life to continue that.

Ugh. Now I have to work out the division of powers. The bright side is that the archetype used for the main character doesn't really need that many powers, since it's a personality thing. Unfortunately the other two do need their respective abilities (and one REALLY needs powers), so... bleh. I need world-building. I really am not big on the world-building-from-scratch thing because the sheer number of factors overwhelms me. *groans* And I always get caught up with 'How does this work?', which sabotages me when I'm trying to design the damn thing, so... bleeeeeeh. I suppose I could always solicit input from some people I know, but... meh. My brain gets eaten by Fridge Logic, forgive me.

Anyway, at least I'm now solid on the archetypes. The downside is that I always crash during the planning stages for this group, so... I'm going to force myself to undergo the hard work of figuring out the plot. D| Ah fuck, I fuckin' hate this part...
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2014-05-06 12:59 am

So I just realized something

Part of the problem from my having a hysterical temperament wasn't just that I got hurt with great ease, it was that I could get riled up with equal ease. And that put me at the mercy of anyone who could get me riled up.

So the rage was as much a weakness as the oversensitivity.

I feel so much better now for having realized this, I can't even tell you.

I don't know quite why it makes me feel better... but it does.

Anyway, the pleasant effects will probably wear off by next morning, but it's nice for the moment. I just... hm. I'm going to sit here and think about this for a while.
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2014-01-13 03:00 am

Someone on the Nuzlocke forums was born in 1999.

I feel old.


Beginning to do checklists! I have a mental... glitch regarding completing things or doing things past a certain point, so I'm writing stuff out so as not to be such a coward any more.

Rambling about life and such. )
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2013-11-24 02:09 pm

Also, some brave soul has done a "The Room" novelization.

Right here. Note that it's rather deadpan. Sample line: Mark, not being a medical doctor, had no way of knowing if a gunshot wound to the head was fatal.

Also, I admit that I'm getting a bit tired of Gen I games, and that all those beautiful Gen III screenshots are tempting me... :P Meh. Tell you what, if I get bored with Red, I WILL move on to Ruby and see if I can FINALLY beat that game. (It is, after all, the CLASSIC Nuzlocke Experience!) ...I'll probably choose Torchic so that, when I do Emerald, I can grab Mudkip. I LIEK MUDKIPZ, YES I DO.

TL;DR: Binging and crashing, brain-chemistry edition. )

Let me recommend the music video (!) of The Erlking, which is... awesome. And also very creepy. There's also an English version.

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2013-10-08 12:43 am
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2013-08-07 12:24 pm

Complaint about another meme going around on Tumblr:

(Yes, I know I just shouldn't be stupid enough to go browsing around the Tumblrs of people heavily into SJWing. Sorry. I've been away from an internet connection with enough capacity to handle Tumblr's constant picspam for long enough that I've forgotten the obvious.)

If a guy starts saying what you are doing is reverse sexist, he is obviously threatened by what you are doing. He’s threatened because he thinks there are only two ways to be: powerful or powerless. He assumes you asserting you rights is a way to take power away from him. He assumes you wanna “switch places” with him. He knows you get treated like shit and he knows he gets advantages from your imposed inferiority. He’s fearing REVENGE, girlfriend. His fear of “reverse sexism” is basically an admitation on his part that he knows you get treated like shit and does not want to switch places with you.
Bikini Kill “Girl Power” zine (via sissypunks)

*pinches nose* Speaking as someone with an obsession with power dynamics... this is ridiculous.
...How, exactly, is not wanting to be mistreated fundamentally incompatible with not wanting OTHERS to be mistreated? I'm sincerely confused. )

And I know I'm supposed to be on hiatus, sorry, but I had to speak up. I've hit that point in Tumblr SJW-observation that it's become less a matter of pointing-and-laughing and more a matter of being deeply creeped out.
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2013-07-18 03:47 pm

*random thoughts*

Thinking of shipping Ninian/young!Zephiel.
...Okay, so age 20-21 is when the crack!shipping tendencies appear? Good to know.
(You don't even know. AU!Zephiels are gradually glomming up all the dragons in various AUs. The only reason I haven't shipped him with Idoun is that half-dragons would grow too slowly to become Bern's heirs. Eesh, dragon!fanboyism will get you a lot of ships.)

(Disclaimer: In such an AU, Zephiel would be running away from a murderous father about fifteen years earlier than similar events occurred in canon, so he'd bump into Ninian and Nils before Eliwood did. *grimaces* Urgh, the... joys... of competing ships when you can't resolve it all with a threesome. I'd probably have Fiora take Eliwood instead, since my default AU-TP for Lyn is Hector/Lyn/Florina.)

Have started Gates to Infinity! I was planning to take Tepig for coverage against Ice-types, but... how could I say no to a Pikachu partner? D: *pikapikapika* At any rate, I'm an Axew. Ah, the joys of resisting Fire, Ice, and Lightning. :D (And Grass. Them too.)

Unpopular opinion on mental illnesses/neuroatypicality:

EDIT: We apologize for the dumbfuckery, nothing to see here... )

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2013-07-04 02:46 pm

Something's BADLY off about LJ's Social Capital calculations.

Social Capital is an indicator that reflects the influence of a specific user or community on LiveJournal. Social Capital is intended to identify how active and influential a user or community is. Each account's Social Capital is based on many different criteria, including the number of users who have added the journal or community to their Friends list, and various other activity throughout the site: how old and active the account is, do they leave comments in other journals and communities, how often do they log in, and many other factors that differentiate real users from bot accounts.

Except... ah... I have Social Capital 11. Here are my stats.
  • 1,907 journal entries
  • 5,850 comments posted
  • 4,590 comments received
  • Friend of 61 [most of them gone from LJ]
Here is the almighty [ profile] kippurbird :
  • 2,050 journal entries
  • 13,594 comments posted
  • 26,393 comments received
  • Friend of 201
Oh, and as far as the age? Kippurbird's account was created in 2003, mine in 2007.

What in BLAZES is going on here? What sort of insane formula could possibly give me more Social Capital than Kippurbird?

Meanwhile, [ profile] a_sporking_rat  (who is hilarious), has the following stats for a rating of 14 Social Capital:
Her journal was created less than a year ago.

There's something badly wrong here. Why can't LJ make its own social-status formula work in any sensible way?