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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2013-07-04 09:36 pm

Wrote some Resident Evil fic for the 30 Day OTP Challenge List today.

That's more than I've been writing for a while, so that's good. ...I haven't felt any inspiration for Awakening!fic, oddly enough, and since that's been taking up my fannish attention, I've been writing close to nothing.

Don't know why I care about the RE characters, but apparently I'm very fond of the Creepy Twins* trope. (Pfft - a fic switching Renais's and Grado's roles in FE8 would actually be pretty fun. Especially if hero!Lyon remained a desperately closeted tsundere.)
* With added obsessive behavior.**
** And villainous tendencies.

Anyway, happy fireworks! Over here, it was quite nice, though the fireworks show seemed to cut off midway through the Grand Finale. Ah well. It was a pretty nice and peaceful day, regardless!