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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2013-12-01 08:18 pm

Weekend went all right.

Had its ups and downs.

Thinking of doing a randomized Silver Nuzlocke.

Not morose. Effect of alcohol apparently that glass of wine -> happiness and relaxation ~1 hour, crash after. Annoyed. Suspect added drinks of no use, as finite neurotransmitter reservoir -> effect inevitably of finite duration. Short duration before crash -> SHORT + finite reservoir. Very annoyed. One glass probably limit of useful effect. Therefore all drugs useless if one wine glass = maximum high.

Was never planning drug habit, but wished to at least feel virtuous for doing so. Feel like celibate priest who indulged and found self asexual.

Also unusually whiny in crash. May be blocked whininess-chemicals piling up and activating with fade of effect of wine, as adenosine piles up and activates with fade of effect of caffeine.

At least more concise. Blithering treatable. With booze withdrawal. -_-

Family also irritating. Will stop now before f-list bored.

Had dinner at around 6 PM, now beginning to crash through to clingy state always following pissy state. Therefore: happy effect around 1 hour, pissy effect around 5 hours. Don't do drugs, kids. TFLN advertising false.

On bright side, TFLN exorbitantly funny when post-buzzed. Alarming: thesaurus excruciatingly funny when post-buzzed. Unnerving: far too many things extremely funny. Have possibly accidentally sequence-broken to stoned state through crashing through pissy state. Have gotten past point of making **** up. Insert hysterical, random, unstopping fit of laughter here. Going to bed.