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So I've beaten Clair in Randomized Crystal... just have to wait until afternoon tomorrow.

Doublepost issues, y'know.

Anyway, I managed to defeat her despite her carrying literally the worst Pokemon possible for my team as her ace. Thank heavens for screwed-up AI.

After her, it's the Elite Four, and then I can opt into Kanto or opt out of it as I please.

I should probably do Mono-Poison. It's not that the run itself is hard, it's that typing up all the dialogue wears on my nerves. Meh...

At least I beat Clair. After these two runs, if I do ANYTHING in Gens I+II, it will be a Yellow Rocketlocke (with Pikachu allowed) -> a Gold Rocketlocke [-> an Emerald Rocketlocke?], a MonoPoison Silver [->MonoPoison Sapphire], and a Vietnamese Crystal run. (For the Rocketlockes, I'll be playing with Absolute Promotion Clause on, so no Meowths for me in Gen II - so I lose nothing by playing in Gold.)

For the Rocketlockes, I'll be catching whatever comes up first on the route and using whatever's allowed, so I don't need to check locations. I know I'll get loads of Rattatas (/Poochyenas for Emerald), so I'll at least be able to start the game. (And heaven help me if I end up doing a Rattata (/Poochyena)-only run...)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to compile Poison-type locations from these two FAQs.

13   Weedle        Bug/Psn     S - Route 2, Route 30, Route 31, Ilex Forest, 
                                   National Park, Bug Catching Contest. 
                               G - Bug Catching Contest.
14   Kakuna        Bug/Psn     Same as Weedle. Evolves from Weedle(7).
15   Beedrill      Bug/Psn     Route 2(S), Bug Catching. Evlvs from Kakuna(10)
23   Ekans         Psn         G- GGC. S - Route 3,4,32,33.
24   Arbok         Psn         Route 3,4,26,27(S only). Evlvs from Ekans(22).
29   Nidoran(F)    Psn         Route 35,36.
30   Nidorina      Psn         Route 13,14,15. Evolves from Nidoran(F)(16).
31   Nidoqueen     Grnd/Psn    Evolves from Nidorina(MnSt).
32   Nidoran(M)    Psn         Route 35,36.
33   Nidorino      Psn         Route 13,14,15. Evolves from Nidoran(M)(16).
34   Nidoking      Grnd/Psn    Evolves from Nidorino(MnSt).
41   Zubat         Psn/Fly     Route 3,4,32,33,42, DarkCave, Union Cave,
                               Slowpoke Well, Ilex Forest, Burned Tower,
                               Waterfall Pass, Mt.Mortar, Ice Path,
                               Whirl Islands, Rock Tunnel, Mt.Moon.
42   Golbat        Psn/Fly     Dark Cave, Union Cave, Slowpoke Well, 
                               Waterfall Pass, Mt. Mortar, Ice Path,
                               Whirl Islands, Victory Road, Silver Cave.
                               Evolves from Zubat(22).
43   Oddish        Grs/Psn     Route 5,6,24,25, Ilex Forest.
44   Gloom         Grs/Psn     Route 5. Evolves from Oddish(21).
45   Vileplume     Grs/Psn     Evolves from Gloom(LfSt).
46   Paras         Bug/Grs     Ilex Forest, Mt. Moon.
47   Parasect      Bug/Grs     Evolves from Paras(24).
48   Venonat       Bug/Psn     Route 24,25,43, Bug Catching.
49   Venomoth      Bug/Psn     Route 24,25. Evolves from Venonat(31).
69   Bellsprout    Grs/Psn     Route 5,6,24,25,31,32,44.
70   Weepinbell    Grs/Psn     Route 24,25,44. Evolves from Bellsprout(21).
71   Victreebell   Grs/Psn     Evolves from Weepinbell(LfSt).
72   Tentacool     Wtr/Psn     Route 12,13,19,20,2126,27,32,34,40,41,
                               New Bark, Cherrygrove, Union Cave, Olivine,
                               Whirl Is, Cianwood, Pallet, Vermilion,
                               Cinnibar Island.
73   Tentacruel    Wtr/Psn     See Tentacool. Evolves from Tentacool(30).
88   Grimer        Psn         Route 16,17,18, Celadon City.
89   Muk           Psn         See Grimer. Evolves from Grimer.
92   Gastly        Gst/Psn     Sprout Tower, Tin Tower.
93   Haunter       Gst/Psn     Route 8. Evolves from Gastly(25).
94   Gengar        Gst/Psn     Evolves from Haunter(Trd).
109  Koffing       Psn         Burnt Tower.
110  Weezing       Psn         Evolves from Koffing(35). 167  Spinarak      Bug/Psn     G only - Route 2,30,31,37 168  Ariados       Bug/Psn     G only - Route 2. Evolves from Spinarak(22)
169  Crobat        Psn/Fly     Evolves from Golbat.(Happy)
211  Qwilfish      Wtr/Psn     Route 12,32
That's the Silver situation? Gag.

Is Sapphire any better?
Littleroot & Route 101, Route 102, Route 104
Wurmple    (Grass)      

Petalburg Woods
Cascoon    (Grass)    Some
Wurmple    (Grass)    Some

Route 103, Route 105 & Island Cave, Dewford Town & Route 106, Route 107, Route 108, 
Route 109, Slateport City, Route 115, Route 122 & Mt. Pyre, Lilycove City, Route 124, 
Mossdeep City, Route 118
Tentacool  (Fishing & Surfing)  Some(Old & Good Rod)

Abandoned Ship
This area is small. Pokemon can be found by Surfing & Fishing.
Tentacool   (Fishing & Surfing)  Some(Old & Good Rod)
Tentacruel  (B1F)                Few(Surfing)
Tentacruel  (B1F)                Some(Super Rod)

Route 110 & Cycling Road
This area is large. Pokemon can be found in Grass, by Surfing, & Fishing.
Gulpin     (Grass)             Some
Oddish     (Grass)             Some
Tentacool  (Fishing & Surfing) Some(Old & Good Rod)

Route 117
Oddish     (Grass)     Some
Roselia    (Grass)     Some

Fiery Path
Grimer    (Cave Floor)     Few(Ruby) & Some(Sapphire)
Koffing   (Cave Floor)     Some(Ruby) & Few(Sapphire)

Route 114
Seviper  (Grass)        Some(Sapphire Only)

Meteor Falls, Cave of Origin, Victory Road

Route 119
Oddish   (Grass)             Some
Tentacool(Fishing & Surfing) Some (Old Rod & Good Rod)

Route 120
Oddish    (Grass)         Some

Route 121
Gloom     (Grass)   Few
Oddish    (Grass)   Some

Safari Zone
Gloom      (Southeast & Southwest)             Few
Gloom      (Northeast & Northwest)             Some
Oddish     (Northeast & Northwest)             Some
Oddish     (Southeast & Southwest)             Many

Route 123
Gloom     (Grass)             Few
Oddish    (Grass)             Some
Tentacool (Fishing & Surfing) Some(Old & Good Rod)

Route 125 & Shoal Cave, Seafloor Cavern
Golbat    (Cave)  
Tentacool (Fishing)                
Zubat     (Cave)          

Sky Pillar
Golbat    (Ground Floor, 2F, & 4F)        Some

...I am going to be forced to beat this game with Dustox, Crobat, Vileplume, Tentacruel, Muk/Weezing, Seviper, and Roselia or Swalot. If I'm lucky.

...*checks Diamond*

GOOD FECKIN' GAD, IT'S GOING TO BE PURE ZUBATS THROUGH THE EARLY PART OF THE GAME. Nintendo SERIOUSLY overcompensated for the abundance of Poison-types in RBY.

Well, I was thinking of introducing a Zubat subplot for the Silver MonoPoison run, so... yay. That will be... fun. Good thing that run isn't coming up for a while...