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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2014-02-18 12:06 am

Nuzlockes, Nuzlockes...

Also, Viet. Crystal can accept type-inversion patches but not level-doubling patches due to its altered memory addresses. L106 Slowpoke was amusing, but NOT what was intended.

I think Viet. Crystal would be a better challenge than Inverse Doubled Crystal, if only because I have no idea what I'm doing in Viet. Crystal. (Example: I thought Reflect was Growth. In my defense, Viet. Crystal is so incomprehensible that it seemed to be a reasonable guess.)

Chikorita is so overpowered in Inverse that a test run of Doubled was a cakewalk through Violet City, wth the only hitch being that I had to keep healing to deal with Noctowl's Hypnosis. If I did it for real... definitely Cyndaquil territory. (Cyndaquil gets beaten up in Inverse early on, which is what I want - I'm going for the challenge, after all.)

None of that is relevant right now, though. I've got schoolwork as well as the other Nuzlockes.

I'm just distractible because I want to be distracted. That, and I've had enough of a weekend that I feel like I should be Doing Things. :P

...Sad to say, I'm really glad that I have enough video games challenging me that I feel the need to procrastinate by... gasp... doing PRODUCTIVE things. :P I feel like I'm seven years younger.