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guardians_song ([personal profile] guardians_song) wrote2014-08-27 08:57 pm
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[August 26-27, 2014] [In]Activity Report

What I did yesterday: Met with a professor. Responded to a friend. Passed out early.
What I did today
: Talked to people on Tumblr. Various real-life errands.
Very unproductive days. Sorry.
Things I really should have done: Worked on research. Did more.
Benefits I would have gotten from that: Learning more about what the blazes is going on with this [research] problem; burning calories; knowing more French; knowing more Spanish, coming closer to actually driving; posting on the Nuzlocke Forums again; etc.
Reasons I didn't do that: "really not feeling it" in general. I... have no idea, all right. I felt like doing nothing today.
What I should have done: Drunk more caffeine earlier in the day.

Chances of doing things tomorrow (August 28): Low. ...don't get what happened. Tired.
Ideas: Bleugh.

...Hoping the energy-levels thing is just hormonal. Anyway - eh, off to do something. Nuzlockes, maybe? I haven't touched those in ages...