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So, er... I drew some fanart and made icons today...

...Yep, need an attention span. (I also read an indecent amount of anti-Scientology sites. Very educational, but... not what I should have been doing.) To be fair, I also dredged up a few links on mosquito traps/repellents for reading (NOT because there's any nearby infestations, thank gad), and I did a little work... But still, I did shockingly little today. Darn it.

On the bright side, since HabitRPG is no longer having seizures (...too many seizures, at any rate), I got to update it with my achievements over the last few days! Earned about half a level at once. I could do Berlitz lessons to hike it up further, but I'm too tired to do so. :P

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Whoa! I can't use my own computer, so I fixed my laptop (don't know how, surely with some dark magic), and found many new entries here ;D

Maybe instead of commenting that older entry, I'll just share my thoughts here.
I was reading your analysis of the Many-Identities-Almost-Transsexual-Guy's 'apology' letter, and found it absorbing. Normally, I'd try to learn more about that story, because I don't want other people influence my opinion, before I understand the situation (and I didn't know anything about this one), but I noticed that there were quotes from the letter, and the letter itself was telling the story (even if only from Eight-Identities' POV), so I just read your post.
It was strange to read the quotation and find my own thoughts on it below, in your comment. And it happened many times.
Your analysis is discerning and really thoughtful. As always, I enjoyed your sarcastic notes, especially enumerating "Alas! Pity me!" bits ;D And "Gollum" killed me ;D

Yes, and now I'm back to Harry Potter. I feel like maniac, commenting only on entries that have something to do with HP. And I'm not even in the fandom now, despite translating The Fic.
Anyway, I love these:
"Question 30. What does Ron leave behind in his Apparition test, that causes him to fail?
His virginity."

"Question 36. How many months does it take to brew Felix Felicis?
As many as the plot demands and not a second more."
*nods* *cracks up*

"Question 52. Who did Harry see waltzing around the Room of Requirement in a dream?
Tom Riddle, wearing only Nagini."
I didn't know it's so hard to be the Dark Lord's pet. But then again, all these dead-bodies-meals can't be for free.

"Question 53. What book did Hermione read in the Room of Requirement?
So You're A Bookish Hogwarts Student Who Wants To Become An Evil Overlord, by G. Grindelwald"
That's my favourite *falls of the chair*

"Question 70. What are Dumbledore's hobbies?
World conquest, manipulation, horrifying astonishing people with his fashion sense, and spending long hours in his office alone with a teenage boy."
*climbs back on the chair* ...and touching cursed rings. *grins* (Just realised you can make "grins" out of "rings" *laughs*
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Surely he realized his readers could remember that sentence for more than three seconds?
OR that sentence was written by "someone else", and HE forgot about it ;D But seriously, he's so super-intelligent, it's obvious that stupid people wouldn't notice. Ah, I can't help being sarcastic about him ;D

When you mentioned Gollum, I wasn't surprised at all. He just fits there ^.^

I'm not really in the fandom any more, but I feel like I should stick around just in case I get the inspiration to do some fics I wanted to do back in the good old days. *shrug*
Me too. And good to know you have more projects ;)

Hermione has been decyphered. Mwahaha! I'd love a Dark Lady who IS NOT Voldemort's daughter *winces*

Glad you liked the snarky answers!
I even wrote a few myself ;D You're very inspiring!
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The same can be said about a lot of public figures, of course. Critical thinking and the basics of spotting manipulation techniques should really be taught heavily in schools as essential life skills, because damn are they needed nowadays.
You're right. Actually, at least in Poland, *independent thinking* should be taught :<

Of course, then the politicians would all be out of a job next election cycle, so we know why they don't propose doing so!
That is true. And the commercials wouldn't be much effective :D

The blessing and the bane of fandom.
Yes, the only good thing about some fics is that I do not have to read them. :D
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Yes, it's all here, in Scrubs:
The Janitor: You have to think for yourself. Don't be a sheep and fallow the fold. Now repeat after me, I think for myself.
Crowd: I think for myself.
The Janitor: You can't tell me what to say.
Crowd: You can't tell me what to say.
The Janitor: I won't say this.
Crowd: I won't say this.
The Janitor: Unbelievable.
Crowd: Unbelievable.

'Old Spice will make you smell like the ingredients listed on the label, and will not grant you any superpowers involving horses, diamonds, or free tickets to concerts. ...Look, are you SURE you don't want our old ads back?'
XD I'd love to see it!