Jan. 19th, 2014

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Habit RPG has tons of new features now!

They FINALLY have the promised classes, ability types, steeds, and more! And the functionality is much better, I might add. Pop-up tooltips work properly, the site is more interesting, and there might actually be a point to having a party now.

If you aren't on it, now is probably a good time to join!

Right here. Have fun!

(*whimper* Oh jeez, I'm not even restarting this until tomorrow. HOW many tasks did I have under my Dailies? Well, I'm about to get a lot more productive, at least - just in time for the school year.

...Dude, these are some pretty weird habits. Apparently I get very... quirky when I determine what I need to do daily.

An Act of Contrition? I'm not even Catholic. Though admittedly this gives unwelcome insight into my thought processes during the semester. 'Yes, yes, I knoooow I was slacking off when I should have been gathering data, please please please have mercy on me I promise I'll be better next time please' *wince* ...Fortunately my personal beliefs have changed enough that I take more responsibility. Perhaps I'll actually follow through on my good intentions.)

Well, here we go (tomorrow)...

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Sep. 23rd, 2013

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Holy sheet, time to go back there!

Setting old habits back to be only on weekends. For instance, I just don't do Codecademy these days, because I finished all the Main Track courses.

But *KEYBOARD SMASH*, the site is USABLE again! 8D I do hope this does wonders for my productivity...

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Jul. 19th, 2013

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HabitRPG, I ask very little from you.

Not freezing every time I click a button is one of the things I ask.

I'm going to just have to run this thing in Internet Explorer so I can do OTHER things in Firefox. All I can say is that I'm glad it didn't hold the days I was gone against me. That's arguably a bug, but... it's not like I'm about to complain.

Though I'm probably going to have to quit when I go elsewhere, because I don't know how much bandwidth its defective scripts are chewing up.
*facepalm* It literally froze while just scrolling up in the chat. Well, okay... maybe it's just having issues because it got an influx of new users from the podcast. However, from the bottom of my ad-hating little heart, I would willingly accept ads at this point so it didn't freeze up for >5 seconds whenever I clicked anything. D|

It used to be incredibly fast, so I'm not sure why it's... gone down the drain. Anyway, I've updated myself, so I'll go away for a bit. Maybe its errors will work themselves out once they upgrade servers or somesuch.
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Jul. 6th, 2013

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So, er... I drew some fanart and made icons today...

...Yep, need an attention span. (I also read an indecent amount of anti-Scientology sites. Very educational, but... not what I should have been doing.) To be fair, I also dredged up a few links on mosquito traps/repellents for reading (NOT because there's any nearby infestations, thank gad), and I did a little work... But still, I did shockingly little today. Darn it.

On the bright side, since HabitRPG is no longer having seizures (...too many seizures, at any rate), I got to update it with my achievements over the last few days! Earned about half a level at once. I could do Berlitz lessons to hike it up further, but I'm too tired to do so. :P

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Apr. 19th, 2013

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Note to self:

It's amazing how much time in the day one has when one's incentivized. >_>

Currently reviewing HTML on Codecademy.
Have done 20 reps of a minor exercise today.
Reached L2 on Habit RPG.
(Incidentally, I beat a battle on Shining Force. Main character, darn you, stop gaining MP! You have ONE spell used to reset battles, and it costs 8 MP! You do NOT need anything higher than that, much less 12 MP!)
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