Dec. 23rd, 2013

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Fire Emblem Texts From Last Night characterizations:

Nergal: A pansexual stoner with a blackout-filled past. As a young man, completely irresponsible and incapable of giving a damn about anything. In his later years, distinctly crabby, cynical, and short-tempered, possibly due to a severe lack of drugs.
Athos: His scholarly gay friend with a much more stable mood. Can often be found studying, dealing in Adderall, and being cradled by several younger people while moaning about his hangover.
Ninian: With a father like Nergal, she was bound to not exactly turn out normally. A wild party-girl, she can often be found engaging in border-crossing shenanigans with her brother, passed out after a long night of drunkenness and/or screwing Eliwood, and trying (unsuccessfully) to evade the cops.
Nils: His father's trueborn son, he spends the vast majority of his time high out of his mind and totally blithe about anything he's experiencing. On the rare occasions that he's sober, he's actually quite reasonable and bemused at the crazy antics of the rest of the cast. But mostly he's hiiiiiiigh.
Eliwood: A grounded, clean-cut young man with a secret deviant side. Occasionally hooks up for threesomes with Hector and Lyn, but mainly reduces Ninian to "a puddle of sex"... possibly due to his freaky dragon fetish. One of the most well-adjusted of the group, really.
Sexuality-and-gender-wise, best described as a gay-acting straight. (Well, if people can talk about "straight-acting gay"...)
In the future, he will have a doppelganger son named Roy who combines his prowess in bed with the stoner skills of the Nergal line.
Hector: A math major in a threeway relationship with Lyn and Florina, though apparently Farina has staked a claim to his massive dick. Actually mostly sober, but does really weird things when he's drunk.
Consummately straight.
Lyn: An unemployed, cheerfully horny bisexual who's hooked up with Hector, Florina, Eliwood, Kent, Rath, and the Tactician, and can often be found making booty calls. A very... versatile character.
Florina: The local lesbian/dubious bisexual. Totally besotted with Lyn, and can be found on just about every woman/woman TFLN.
Zephiel: The King of Bern, a disaffected gay man who just wants to get laaaid. In a dysfunctional relationship with his Republican drug dealer.
Jahn: Said Republican drug dealer. Also a Fire Dragon.
...Am I forgetting anyone?

Jul. 4th, 2013

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In more nostalgic thoughts...

Since I probably won't write any more FE7 fics for a while, might as well list some fanon organizations I had running in some AUs.

Just silly fanon stuff, don't mind me. )
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