Jul. 22nd, 2013

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====Hiatus Notice====

Guys, I’ve had a great summer. It hasn’t been perfect, but I’ve had more fun than I should have (thanks, in no small part, to Fire Emblem: Awakening).

Other things call, however, so… I’ll be spending less time on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth than previously. I’ve hit upon a great AU*, I have tons of work to do, and I’m getting more interested in real life, so I’m pretty well set for a while.

I’ll still respond to comments and such, but I’ll be focusing on other things than fandom. I hope not to go back on this notice, because – really, there’s a lot of stuff out there. Even if it’s a bit difficult to interact with certain things in real life, I can do other things instead, and I don’t need to be chained to the internet to do them.

Thanks for the fun, and I eventually hope to have more with you all. I just need to get a firmer foundation in reality so I can work out firmer boundaries or whatchamacallit with the world online. :)

Best Regards,

Guardian’s Song

*Also, to heck with me, but I’m beginning to wonder if the quality of my thinking is directly tied to the AU being processed inside my head.
I’ve known before that the AU is a barometer of my thinking – optimism leads to focus on making-a-better-world AUs, wrath leads to focus on grimdark AUs, hyperactivity leads to AUs with a lot of yelling and powering up and action – but this is the first time it’s seemed to go the other way as well. With a coherent AU on which to focus, I can read papers more clearly, and take in content with more ease.
It may also be because this AU is flowing clearly, and so the images prime my visual cortex rather than taxing it. I don’t know. All I know is that this is an incredible relief.
(I’m also beginning to think that I’m one of these authors stuck in the Stone Age, and I’m happiest writing by hand. *sigh* Ah well, the price of happiness is good penmanship and ergonomic writing, it seems… :))

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Jun. 21st, 2013

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===Temporary Hiatus Notice===

Until next weekend, I'll only be on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth to post entries and respond to comments. I'll also show up at AO3 to post any fanfiction I might write in the interval, but will be reading no stories. (And nooope, not even going to TOUCH Tumblr.)

Apologies - I love all of you, but the Internet is far too addicting. D: *fingers twitch towards time-wasting sites*

I'll leave you with an ENTIRELY appropriate XKCD strip (really, send this one out to your friends and family) and a romance story generator. Might as well add on (NSFW, unless your workplace doesn't mind nudity) the AD&D Racial/Height Comparison Chart by Matt Jarrett (Male/Female).

May this reassure you that math types aren't all that mature (in case you had any doubt). :P
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Jan. 13th, 2013

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*sighs and summons willpower*


I love you all, but, uh... the problem is that I do love you all, and I need to concentrate. So I'll be off of LJ and Dreamwidth for the next two-weeks-and-a-bit.

I will STILL be reachable via my fandom e-mail at beastofthesea@hotmail.com, and my Dreamwidth notifications are slaved to said e-mail, so I'll respond to comments made on my Dreamwidth. I might also wind up at people's journals due to tracking notifications, so don't mind me if I do.

I will not, however, be posting, and I will not be checking my f-lists like a mouse hammering on the "DISPENSE COCAINE" button. ...I've realized, in the course of getting my head in gear after 2012, that I've taken to doing far too many things as an escape mechanism, and I have to stop that. So that will be part of what I'm doing while I'm gone, the other part being studying my rear end off. :D;;

[...Incidentally, I've now gone off of sodas as well as caffeine after reading an article that consumption of diet sodas is linked to higher rates of depression (more info here), and that's helping me think better as well. Just so everyone on my f-lists who might find that relevant-to-her-interests knows, which is... a fair number of f-listers, I'd say.]

Anyway, my goals? To wrench myself up to where I should have been if I'd never fallen into the numb trance of depression and the muggy haze of other emotional problems, to make myself the person I want to be and should be, and to regain who I used to be years and years ago, when I did things because I enjoyed them rather than to escape the world around me and the disillusioned apathy inside my head. The third is half done, as those moods only happen on and off these days, but I still need to work on the other two-and-a-half. :)

Again, I love you all, and I won't be totally gone. ...Just acting at a much-reduced activity level.

If all goes well, I should return in reasonable condition and with a few new ideas for sporkings/projects/etc. ...I'll be working to make all go well. That's a promise, and if I make it to the f-lists, it should terrify me into actually carrying through. :D;;

Anyway, hope you get through that time in good condition as well, and see you then! :D
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