Nov. 6th, 2013

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Signs you are reading TV Tropes too late at night:

*You misread "Lensman Arms Race" as "Lesbian Arms Race"
*You are very disappointed when you scroll back up to check
*You wonder what that would look like

Also, this Markov-chain gibberish-generator produces some amusing results with Shutdown.

Richard explained that Asher gives up at her skin contact;
Oh, come on. Even I wouldn't say Anita is THAT repulsive. :P

I did we don’t know what to her, but I don’t know you to take a look empty.
Even Anita isn't sure what Shutdown was about.

I was too neutral as if they understand that story.
Anita is smugly confident that the readers don't know, either.

I was eight, and neither did force this was wearing.
Anita is unusually honest about her mental age.

“You abuse me, placing his whole life,” she said, and wouldn’t meet anyone’s eyes.
Ellen gives a very curt summary of the "e-special".

Bonus from a second reload:
It is submissive to blush at her.
Anita's neuroses about dominance reach a whole new level.

Nov. 4th, 2013

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(Anita Blake Series) "Shutdown" Sporking

This story was discussed on [ profile] lkh_lashouts here. [personal profile] lliira sporked it here. I am sporking it because I can add something new - namely, a line-by-line sporking. Since it's already been beaten to tar, I also have the luxury of inserting CAPSLOCK reactions rather than dissecting it in detail if I so desire. ...And this thing merits CAPSLOCK, believe me.

Disclaimer: You could not pay me to take credit for this. Laurell K. Hamilton produced this, and by gad, she can HAVE it.
Everything Warning: It's an Anita Blake story.

In retrospect, I really shouldn't have done this all in one run. )
Any analysis will wait until later. That was... unexpectedly bad. I mean, I knew it was bad just from reading it, but a close reading just exposed countless layers of awfulness and... awfulness, that's all I can really say about it. "Creepiness" doesn't do it justice. Well, the sheer amount of CAPSLOCK during the spork probably made that abundantly clear.

Anyway, I hope readers enjoy!

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Mar. 23rd, 2013

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Anita Blake in a nutshell:

"One can only imagine a little electronic 8-bit Anita moving along, attempting to get from, say, her house to a cab, only to feel that pull (called "The Ardeur"). The player would mutter "oh shit, not again" as the screen spins, and she's tossed into a random sex encounter with a werewolf and a goat. Upon finishing the encounter, she moves along as if nothing has happened and enters the cab. The 250 experience points gained from the encounter can be applied to increasing her "resist gag reflex" skill the next time she levels up."
- from this review of Incubus Dreams

Pity you can't metaquotes people from non-LJ-derived sites...

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