Nov. 26th, 2013

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Also, if I ever feel like an utter masochist, this post exists to archive Smogon's NU tier for RSE.

See, someone started a NU Pokemon White Nuzlocke (but never finished it), so I'm thinking that, if I ever get to Nuzlocking RSE and a sane Ruby run bored me, I could always switch to Sapphire and use it as motivation to go do work as something less painful challenge myself by doing the same thing.

Because all the pain is for pleasure/and nothing can measure... )
...Do note that Zigzagoon's evolution is NOT on this list. As such, I may or may not choose to use Dupes Clause in this hypothetical run.

Those that can be CAUGHT in RS:

And good shall die first, said thy prophet,/ Our Lady of Pain. )
(list edited down from Moviebuff2287's Pokemon Locations FAQ)

In short, I would only get to use the following 34 Pokemon.
these Pokemon may be bad, but they're perfectly good at it )

...In short, in a Dupes-Clause-Off run, I would live off of Pelipper, Wailord, Glalie, Seaking, Whiscash, Crawdaunt, a Wurmple evolution, Delcatty, Nosepass, Trapinch (UNEVOLVED), Masquerain, Spinda, Torkoal/Magcargo, Castform, Kecleon, Girafarig, Chimecho, and Relicanth. Any more team members would be sheer good fortune.

19 Pokemon, and all of them officially at the bottom of the barrel, competitive-play-wise. And almost all of them mortal bait for Wattson.

*in monotone voice* Oh, boy. This would be FUN.
[It's better than the FR/LG equivalent, though. Try using only Beedrill, Butterfree, Dewgong, Ditto, Farfetch'd, Lickitung, Parasect, Pidgeot, Raticate, Seaking, Venomoth, Wigglytuff to get you through the entire game... though I remember one crazy bastard solo'ing Emerald with a Rattata, so anything can be done, really.]

I'm not playing it NOW, obviously, since I have a lot to do. I just wanted to work out the practicalities, because I have a fondness for working out a lot of theoretical nonsense because I tend to either botch the application or wind up wanting to desperately do something else. Besides, it took my mind off... said stuff I have to do. :\

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