Nov. 17th, 2013

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Incidentally, I think this is the best of the Shining Force tracks.

Click on this link, and then go down to the MP3 Darksol track. Now THAT is some final battle music. I hate to sound like a retro fanatic, but I think the designers often did better when they were forced to make absolutely horrible tools look and sound as good as possible. With better tools, it's too easy to use the basic quality of the tools as a crutch and slack off on the quality of the material.

(Case in point: UGH! What is this gutted version on the GBA soundtrack?! D: 
...I mean, it isn't... bad, per se... not if you don't know the original...
...I may have spoken too soon. It's not that they intentionally botched redesigned the tune, it's that the GBA probably doesn't have the proper harsh bass for the original music. There's a certain signature sound to the Darksol and Dark Dragon battles, and I'm not sure a GBA's speakers could produce it.)

Actually, you might as well nab all the MP3s at that link if you feel like it. The MIDIs from have their own charm, but they seem to be unable to duplicate that weird harshness.

As long as I'm mentioning, I repeat, the Rayquaza Battle MIDI by Alex Rentz is better than the actual tune. (I think hotlinking to the comments is allowed. It's just the hotlinking to the file that drives servers batshit insane, right?) ...No, I'm not going to ever stop advertising that. I've used it too often. >_> :P

Hope you're all doing well!

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Sep. 22nd, 2013

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Various links.

There's actually a glossary of fandom terms out there! 8D (VERY comprehensive, last updated November 2012.)
I am... very much... not a Communist, but damn did they have great propaganda art.
William Blake's poetry is... very, very trippy. And amazing. (He wrote "The Tyger", if you're wondering.)
Go here and search for "Chrono Trigger". Some of the MIDI mixes are VERY good. (Particularly recommend "Robo's Theme - Primitive Remix", "To Far Away Times (SW1000XG)", "Zeal (Endless Remix)", the Ocean Palace remixes, "Boss Battle 1 (Remix)", and... on second thought, just listen to all the remixes and see which ones you like. MIDI files are SO SMALL that it won't chew up bandwidth.)
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Jul. 5th, 2013

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Also, stuff I need to get around to buying on iTunes due to viewing on YouTube:

Well, it did work out pretty well when I got the Blue Oyster Cult tracks, so presumably this isn't so bad. )
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Jun. 25th, 2013

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Randomly - have an FST!

I have to update a Harry Potter fic of mine on AO3 one of these days, but to procrastinate get inspired, I ended up making a playlist themed around the (future) plot, so... Here goes?

...Yeah, can you tell this isn't a fluffy fic? :\ ;; )
So that I'm not just boring you guys - what songs do you associate with your stories?
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May. 26th, 2013

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Miscellaneous Music Recs...


Mostly Blue Oyster Cult, with a token Jefferson Airplane song. I'll probably have more later, but these were the ones that came to mind. )

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Apr. 22nd, 2013

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Lost today to angst.

... )

EDIT: And an hour or two after the above post, I stared feeling calm and peaceful for no good reason whatsoever.

Yeah, it was a hormone swing. Definitely.

Anyway, sorry to clog up your f-lists with that. Let me say something more constructive!

The CodeYear track on Codecademy is actually much better than the current official tracks. It taught me some information about JavaScript that I *hadn't* learned during the JavaScript track, which I appreciated.

HabitRPG... is helping. I'm better able to keep track of my personal grooming, my Codecademy progress, and my exercise (such as it is). It's also helping me curb my bad habits. *looks woefully at bag of chips* I only wish I'd discovered it earlier.

If I haven't recommended From Eroica With Love, I should have. It is friggin' hilarious! ...Unfortunately, the particular comic subcompany that was selling it in the U.S. has now shut down, so yeah, scanlations are the only way. :\ (I got Volumes 1-15 from a local comics shop that still had them in stock, so I have them in print, but others likely won't be so lucky. [Ha! Great impulse buy. Thank heavens the mod of badfic_quotes has a bajillion From Eroica With Love icons, so I'd been highly curious about the series for ages...])

Also, I recently read the The Book of Cthulhu anthology of Lovecraftian fiction, which was quite enjoyable. All of the stories were very well-written, and I hadn't read most of them before.

This kindly soul uploaded the MagiNation soundtrack to MediaFire, so I recommend picking it up if you remember that game. ...It doesn't properly have the title screen music, however, so I'd recommend this video instead for that one. THAT is the best track in the entire game. When I was a kid, I'd leave my GameBoy on the title screen for several minutes just to listen to it. Please give it at least one listen - it's worth it. I am seriously tempted to add a video-downloader to my current computer just so I can listen to it without having to be plugged into the internet. That should give you some idea... (Or perhaps that's nostalgia talking... but anyway. :) )
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Jan. 10th, 2013

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If you have some spare time -

Look up vinyl records on YouTube and listen to old songs you like.

The difference is actually audible.

For comparison:
Don't Fear The Reaper [regular]:
Don't Fear The Repeat [vinyl]:
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