Oct. 29th, 2012

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Heeeeey, so I DID manage it!

I mistyped my password the first time I attempted it. Don't mind me.

Now you, too, will be deluged with Hector Hard Mode rants when the mood strikes me, and occasionally subjected to Cori Falls jokes. I... don't have a very exciting Dreamwidth life.

I'm NOT going to drop off LJ. Heck, I enabled crossposting mainly so I didn't drop off Dreamwidth. (...and in order to advertise to people on LJ that yes, I have a Dreamwidth.)

Crossposting is easy - and yes, you can set all your crossposted entries to friends-locked, as I recall. *checks* Yes - you can set them to all be private, for all it cares. So any Friends Only journals need not worry.

The good news is that Dreamwidth feels like the old LJ. The bad news is that there aren't exactly many people around here. If I find any dens of fandom debauchery and inquity, I'll tell you. If you can think of any depraved ritual to summon back the fandom hordes from Tumblr, tell ME.

Anyway - hooray for crossposting!
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guardians_song: Part of Fire Emblem 7's Chapter 19xx CG, colored (Nergal and children)

Good luck to anyone being hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Also, I'm playing with that silly Morph!Mark fic, which I hope not to discontinue. ...I might end up doing so, since I have a horrible excuse for an attention span, but I'll try to maintain some interest.

I'm considering turning on the cross-post option, since I've managed to type my LJ password into Dreamwidth so often that, if they wanted to steal it, they might as well have taken it already. :X Dearie me.

To heck with this - I'm turning it on. Let's see if this works, shall we? 8D
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