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2014-06-11 11:23 am

Hm. Buggerfuck.

I don't have the time for {LJ/DW AND fanfiction} AND {Nuzlocke Forums} AND {Tumblr}. Hell, I barely have enough time for ONE of the above and Real Life.

I don't get it. I had more time at the very beginning of the summer... :\ I don't understand it, though I suppose I should be glad I have more going on in Real Life. Still - it unnerves me to notice that I have to either go days without updating Tumblr or without updating Nuzlockes. And of course I've unfortunately made a joke of LJ/DW.

Heck, I haven't even had much Tumblr interaction except at night...

Oh well. I've people on Tumblr with whom I need to stay in contact, but aside from that I need to cut back. *sigh* I also updated a Nuzlocke, which gives me leeway. (Silver Randomlocke is two updates away from completion! :D) And...


Cut rambling. )
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2014-05-18 11:43 pm

Bweh heh heh.

I think I figured out the characterizations for my Camp NaNo protagonists. ...Admittedly it embarrassed me to realize that I've done this "trio" before (in fanfic form - I took certain canon characters and interpreted them in a direction to my choosing), but at least I know I can get passionate about this bunch. I crashed on the earlier fic because events occurred that basically destroyed all my self-confidence, and the plot outline for this trio is embarrassingly gung-ho, but this is a more cynical take on the whole matter anyway. If I can maintain a certain level of competency in interpersonal relations, I SHOULD be able to get these three going.

Now I have to figure out the plot. :\ It's a fix-fic trio, so I have to put them in a setting where things are indescribably screwed-up. Old setting(s) used Harry Potter. I also... considered something in Fire Emblem (Elibe), but it basically sandwiched all three characters into one and had the other two as paler versions of their respective archetypes. I could have written THAT one, but I unfortunately got too eaten alive by real life to continue that.

Ugh. Now I have to work out the division of powers. The bright side is that the archetype used for the main character doesn't really need that many powers, since it's a personality thing. Unfortunately the other two do need their respective abilities (and one REALLY needs powers), so... bleh. I need world-building. I really am not big on the world-building-from-scratch thing because the sheer number of factors overwhelms me. *groans* And I always get caught up with 'How does this work?', which sabotages me when I'm trying to design the damn thing, so... bleeeeeeh. I suppose I could always solicit input from some people I know, but... meh. My brain gets eaten by Fridge Logic, forgive me.

Anyway, at least I'm now solid on the archetypes. The downside is that I always crash during the planning stages for this group, so... I'm going to force myself to undergo the hard work of figuring out the plot. D| Ah fuck, I fuckin' hate this part...
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2014-05-04 08:34 pm

Anyway, classes are over!


I've been on Tumblr the past few days, just catching up on people. I... do not advise Tumblr for people with a low tolerance for drama. Bleeergh.

At any rate, I think everyone's all right for now. So here I am back on DW/LJ! 

I've got sporkings to do, don't I? Oh well. :D;; (And other stuff to update...)

Hope everyone's doing well!

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2014-04-08 04:03 pm

Updated Silver Randomlocke for first time in a month.

Also updated Thieflocke. Might as well do my next session of Poisoned Haven, because I've caught some crud-bug and don't really have the brains to do much work. Currently hoping to pick up a paper I need off of some sleazy Russian site or other. Ugh. Next time I talk to my professor and he mentions a hard-copy of a paper, I'ma just usin' my cellphone camera and "copying it down".

Actually, never mind. It seems the sleazy Russian sites reserve their business for textbooks that actually cost money in the real world, as opposed to obscure papers that are only relevant to weirdos doing research in that area. *sigh* Ooh well. Off to find another paper that's relevant, because that one ain't doing it until I can borrow or beg a copy off the library.

Also: oh, yay, I'm out of screenshots for STOP! THIEF! Clearly the only option is to... make more! :D ...OTL

(I am doing all right. I'm just somewhat wasted from the congestion. Mercifully, this isn't one of my class days.)

Incidentally, since apparently I'm not always clear, I don't do much programming. However, I did do a simulator of a certain RNG Nuzlockes Emerald scenario in the last month or so. Not actually that interesting, but I did manage to unnerve the person "doing" the run. :D

Hope you're all doing well.

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2014-01-22 10:51 pm

Hope everyone's doing well!

Is it really only 10:51 PM? :P I know that's late, but it feels like it's after midnight.

Anyway, life's going well. A family friend from out of town was in the area yesterday and the day before that, so it was great chatting with him, and school's restarted. Ah, schoolwork. Can't live with it, can't live without it. :P Also updated my Mono-Poison Nuzlocke.

I know I need to update Randomized Silver, but I'm scared of that one because I don't remember how to get to Victory Road or what levels I should be for the Elite Four. That one's easier than it should be because enemies have 0 IVs/EVs, but I still get antsy about it. If only Kadabra wasn't Extra Dead Enchanted versus physical attacks...

Going to try a 'Thieflocke' of a Gen 1 game. Yeah, I know, trying to cram in a stupid amount, but I plead a short attention span. I can always cancel it if it bores me.

Hope everyone's doing well!
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2014-01-19 12:57 pm

Would like to say again that I like my f-list and generally care about them.

Had a bad nightmare about a friend defriending me and going into multi-post detail about how I had appalled and hurt her. Worse yet, the nightmare kept repeating within itself (I "awoke" to find a variation on the same nightmare), so, by the time I finally woke up, I actually had to check nothing of the like had occurred... D: It seems stupid now, but it felt like a premonition after the... second, third, probably third... time it occurred. And then it repeated in my head a bit after I drifted into semi-consciousness, so I stayed in panic mode until I realized 'Wait, I haven't actually gotten up and checked my e-mail yet, I'm still partially dreaming'.

Read more... )

Hope you're all doing well!

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2014-01-13 03:00 am

Someone on the Nuzlocke forums was born in 1999.

I feel old.


Beginning to do checklists! I have a mental... glitch regarding completing things or doing things past a certain point, so I'm writing stuff out so as not to be such a coward any more.

Rambling about life and such. )
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2014-01-08 03:18 pm

NOW Dreamwidth is back up.

That was... odd. And there's no Dreamwidth Maintenance update either, so I guess it was just an unannounced blackout? That's... odd.

Anyway, I think I'm going off my f-list hiatus for Dreamwidth. Just so long as I avoid Fandom Secrets, there shouldn't be anything too distracting.

That reminds me, my Silver Randomlocke is now updated to Clair, and my Mono-Poison Nuzlocke desperately needs updating. And of course, I'm out of screenshots, so that means I'll actually have to play through the ROMs.

Current status of Silver Randomlocke: Kabutops/Kadabra/Bellossom/Rapidash/Raikou, just beaten Clair
Current status of MonoPoison Nuzlocke: Ivysaur/Gloom/Nidoking/Golbat/Arbok/Beedrill, heading into Rock Tunnel

My mind's itching to try the Yellow Rocketlocke, but that will have to wait. I don't want to become one of these people with three unfinished runs and ideas for two more. :\ I'm already that way with fanfic. I need to build up my self-discipline somewhere.

...On the other hand, I might not have a GBA emulator, but I do have that semi-broken DS Lite I just got out of storage...

...and a Ruby cart I never much cared about, anyway....

...must... resist... temptation...

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2013-10-16 09:51 pm

3DS Friend Code

G's Song

Add me if you're interested!
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2013-06-27 06:20 pm
Entry tags:

Sorry if I haven't always responded recently. Hotmail is flaking out.

I use a Hotmail account for Dreamwidth, and for the last few days, I've been confronted with... pretty much what all these people have seen.
A brief sample of the misery. )

So I'll be responding to comments now. :D;; Should have just checked DW earlier, sorry. (The semi-hiatus week is not the best time for Hotmail to bug up, no...)
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2013-04-29 05:02 pm

Note to self:

Urgently need to update The Hand once the semester is over. Ooh dear, looks like I have people awaiting updates. D: On the bright side, I do have over 1K of the next chapter written... I just need time. About 10 hours worth of it, since I am a complete slowpoke and have a maximum writing speed of 1K per hour...

Also need to spork - yes, I know I am terminally overdue on sporkings. It's not that I'm forgetting fandom, it's that I haven't been doing much, period. ...Well, you guys probably guessed that from my mentions of looking up ADHD coping tools and newfound love for Habit RPG. And my distinct wonkiness in forgetting to answer comments - I'm sorry for that, and I'll try to get to them eventually.

And I need to urgently get school things done, and all that good stuff. I'd try to say more, but I'm working on stopping my emotional-windups before they start.

...I think beating Shining Force was good for me. Silly as it sounds, I've just been looking for signs that things I've enjoyed are still there. ...This hasn't been a bad year like 2012 (THANK THE HEAVENS, AND AMEN), but it's been in a sort of fog of translucent neutrality. Time to tank up on the coffee and forge onward into the fog.

(Don't mind this post. *insert "LiveJournal: Because Everyone Wants To Hear About Your Cat" icon here*)

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2013-04-02 03:04 pm

*internally laughing head off*

It's unpleasant of me, I know, but I'm reading the March 14 LJ Releases post - and by gad am I glad that I post from Dreamwidth alone these days.

This. This is just a glorious trainwreck of user discontent, buggy interfaces, and insanity. It's like Fandom Wank at its finest...
(And yes, I shouldn't find it entertaining, but - damn, did I switch to crossposting while the getting was good!)
Ye gads, I've never seen so much rage, administrative incompetence, and rage at administrative incompetence outside of political communities. ...Hell, a medium-sized ONTD posts usualy have *less* than 7 pages, right? )


March 16 2013, 00:19:30 UT

But wait! There's more! )
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2013-03-25 04:28 pm

Any reason why LJ has gone into How Do I CSS mode?

You know, where everything is a plain black-on-white bunch of unordered lists and basic links.

Are they pushing an update, or what? *honest question*