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2014-06-13 09:27 pm

Randomized Silver Nuzlocke completed!

Here it is! I pretty much beat the game to death, so... it's finished, definitely. :D;; That was fun! I'm looking forward to my next run(s), but I should probably catch up on other things before I continue one in any serious way.

I do need to continue STOP! THIEF! though... :\ *checks* Oh, WOW, that one has a lot of views. Okay, got to do that sometime... That will be next, I suppose.

(I was thinking of doing a Backstroke of the West-themed Randomized Nuzlocke of Pokemon Green after Randomized Silver was completed. The only captions allowed on screenshots would come from this textfile. That idea blesses god'sly, no?)

Hope you're all doing well!

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2014-05-26 01:26 am

Nuzlockes getting updated.

Silver Randomlocke and STOP! THIEF! have both been updated. Though I haven't updated to that point yet, Silver Randomlocke currently stands at 15/16 badges. I just need to grind the team to 53 for Blue (5 levels below his aces).

...And then it's the long slog to 72 for Red. Oh JOY.

Who thought up this level curve, again?

At any rate, I may actually complete a project for once. That would be... really nice. Really, really nice.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well. I've been not doing much on the Internet (and avoiding Tumblr entirely) because I was letting Tumblr take over my life. That's done now. I've got things that MUST be done in real life, and so... :\

I'm sorry if I sound down. I'm guilty over not responding to people when I know I should, I should be accomplishing more, and the updates of the Nuzlockes are really the only things of value that I've done recently. I'm... kind of feeling depressive states of mind returning, too. Hopefully those will clear up once I get things done. I've at least cleaned my room and workspace, so I'm PREPARED to get stuff done. I just... haven't... actually taken the final step of GETTING things done, that's all.

I'd like to thank anyone who's been interacting with me and thus kicking me in the ass in this manner. (Not intentionally. But guilt -> work, eventually.) All right, so the people interacting with me are on Tumblr rather than LJ/Dreamwidth, and so won't see this, but still. *sheepish* For all that the Internet is a time sink, many people have done me a ton of good. Thanks, everyone. Both here and elsewhere. May we all do our best, and I hope I can be as great a help to you as you have been to me. In times to come, perhaps? *toasts*

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2014-05-15 12:17 am

Note to self: do NOT ever blind-run a hack where you know the level curve makes sudden jumps.

Or where you know the hack has a really bullshit move combo on the later Pokemon of a Gym Leader.
(Two Full Restores per Pokemon from second Leader on was REALLY fucking cheesy, though. I was NOT forewarned about that.)

It was fine. I'd figured out how to break (most of) the hack's level curve anyway, so I really only ran into trouble because I screwed around rather than just hyper-leveling boosted!Raticate. I... really did it just because I was goofing off, anyway.

Eh, now I can do Alt Evos with a clean conscience. :P At least that hack creator told players what the level curve was there. (No &!@(ing idiocy like L38 Pokemon at Lt. Surge...)

I just wanted to retry Unprejudiced Red (in a marathon session) after my first failed run. I didn't fail this run, but I kind of got tired of it. (The strategy became too simplistic with all the overly-good Pokemon, much to my surprise. Sleep + Leech + win. Sleep + Tail Glow + win. &c &c &c)

Plus, I guess I'm really not good at blindly running hacks. Grinding doth bore me. :P

However, I've got to organize the plot of the Alt Evos run before actually playing it. While working. And... bleh. :P Well, welcome to the summer...

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2014-04-23 08:02 pm

At the risk of sounding like a flake, I'm not going to do the Rocketlocke right now.

I began, but... ahhhh, I decided I'm not in the mood for a Villain Protagonist at present. That, and my ruleset got bizarrely pretentious, and pretentiousness is usually a marker that I need to go off and do something else for a while.

(The ruleset makes sense and doesn't look that badly written. The issue is that, whenever I get pretentious, I've usually lost my sense of judgment in some way, and I can't figure out in what manner until later. In this case, I THINK it was that I fluffed it out massively when I could have just said it tersely. I think.)

I'm probably just bored with Gen 1/Gen 2 games and should take a break with a more casual run.
(Another issue with pretentiousness: it's usually a marker that I'll blow a ton of energy on it at first, then take one look at it later and go 'WTF? What was I trying to do here?!' Don't get me wrong, I would LIVE off of pretentiousness if I had the energy level necessary, but I crash a few updates/~1000 words into something and don't have the energy level to pick it up again. The enthusiasm is gone.)

Meh. Time to go RP an amnesiac Giratina.

What do you mean, this run is supposed to be LESS pretentious? >_> SHHHHH!
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2014-04-22 02:05 pm

Okay, so I've decided that it probably doesn't make sense to try to beat the Thieflocke first.

Fortunately, Poisoned Haven got moved to Other Adventures, so I'm not so keen to finish it. That frees me up to do another run... if I really want to do so.

Thank heavens, that means I could potentially do the Rocketlocke sometime in the next century.

Aside from that, Thieflocke is taking about 10 updates per game-section due to the sheer amount of Engrish. The terrifying thing is that it's gotten 4,600+ (non-unique) hits, so people are definitely reading through the trainwreck. (Fortunately, I was able to 'cheat' through the Celadon Gym via severe Twineedle abuse, so that didn't take longer than it had to.) That said... I'm probably not finishing it for some time due to the humor value. And Team Rocket members keep calling me "skunk". :psyduck:

I guess Silver Randomlocke is the only run that's getting finished any time soon. *sigh* I really don't want to risk Remoillent, but such is life. After Lance, I suppose anything is possible. Erika's reasonably weak, so I'll consider taking her out first. I'd prefer Janine, but it depends on how quickly I find my way to Fuchsia... At least the complete-crap Trainers make for good Exp. packets.

(Seriously, though - 449 images just for Erika and the opening of Rocket Hideout. *sigh* I know I took time off to catch several Pokemon, but that is a LOT. Was the Blue Nuzlocke this bad? My apologies, everyone. It only really hits home when you're limited to posting 50 images at a time.)
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2014-04-20 02:10 pm

Not doing any fandom things today due to work.

However, ideas for my next runs:

-CAREER OF EVIL: A Pokemon Yellow Rocketlocke
Archer, after a life of poverty and resentment, snaps when the Professor's grandson takes the Eevee meant for him.
Fortunately, the plague-carrier that took its place has no objection to a life of crime.

The CAREER OF EVIL sequels (if I ever get around to the first run...) )
As far as she can recall, Tina is just another fledgling Trainer in Kanto, about to embark on her Pokemon journey.
But a persistent feeling of
wrongness haunts her. She swears nothing is as it should be. As the world begins to come apart at the seams, she heads for the League, determined to face off with her rival, Cy, and discover the truth...
-VOLCANO BAKETHIEF: A Vietnamese Crystal Thieflocke
Thievery for fun and profit in Gen II! Now with 100% more Engrish!
-DON'T TURN YOUR BACK: A Pokemon: Team Rocket Edition Thieflocke
It's time to determine the next head of Team Rocket! But the inhabitants of the Aster region show no mercy to criminals, and it will be a difficult task indeed to reach the top...
-POISONED HAVEN II: A Pokemon Silver Poison Monolocke
Three years after Cowbane became "League Champion", the rebel Venusaur's disciples set off to liberate another land from human domination...
-COATOL EMERALD: A Pokemon Emerald Limited-type Nuzlocke
(That is to say - due to plot reasons, Rock, Ground, Fire, Water, and Ice Pokemon are banned. This is Hoenn. There went half the regional Pokedex...)
Amnesiac, uncertain, and marked for death, Ray wakes up in a Hoenn terminally out of balance. Cults dedicated to Groudon and Kyogre control the land, and their extremist members have gone so far as to scheme to wake the beasts themselves. With the few Pokemon willing to help him, Ray sets out to find why everything wants to kill him, what's gone wrong with the world, and whether it can be fixed...

...As you can see, I have a lot of ideas, and no time in which to do them. *sweatdrop*

I'd estimate that Silver Randomlocke is 75% done (having just begun on Kanto - which is essentially a Gym Leader boss rush with woefully inadequate Trainers), Poisoned Haven is 50% done (ugh, plot), and STOP! THIEF! is 33% done (having cleared Rock Tunnel). So... basically, if I could just bear to risk the Kabutops, I could get through one long-overdue run straightaway and begin on finishing the others.

You can see my runs in the signature of my Nuzlocke Forums profile. As you can see, I have three going at once... (I'm a bloody genius! *FACEPALM*)
*sigh* Wish I had the self-discipline to just finish one up already. Anyway - work calls. Have a mini-talk to give in class tomorrow. Wish me luck... *trudges off to prepare my notes some more*
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2014-04-15 07:07 pm

Since somebody mentioned that they were reading my Cori MSTs on LJ, I updated the masterlist post.

It's right here, if you want to take a look. 'Twas seriously outdated - I only had sporks listed up to Blood on the Moon until right now.
(Also useful if you're on LJ and you haven't seen my Dreamwidth posts, since currently one completed spork and the current (partial) spork of Family Matters are both Dreamwidth-exclusive. I might change that in the long run.)


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2014-04-15 01:18 pm

(Tenative) Rivallocke Rules

1. Only Pokemon used by the Rival may be used.
2. First USEABLE Pokemon may be caught; in concession to the limited catch pool, the usual Monolocke rule of "three attempts allowed" is in play.
3. Any Pokemon that faints is unusable for the duration of the run.
4. OPTIONAL: the ROM must be hacked to give you the same starter as the Rival. If playing on a cartridge, just ignore this rule.

For RBG, this means you are limited to the Rattata, Pidgey, Abra, Magikarp, Exeggcute, Growlithe, Rhyhorn, and [Starter] evolutionary lines.

Places to catch:
Rattata: anywhere
Pidgey: anywhere
Abra: above Cerulean, Celadon Game Corner
Exeggcute: Safari Zone
Magikarp: Salesman, anywhere (via Old Rod)
Growlithe: East of Celadon, West of Lavender
Rhyhorn: Safari Zone

Commentary: in some sense, you are getting the best Pokemon lines in the game. In another sense, you're highly limited (especially early on) and may suffer difficulties.
Basically, do this if you want a challenge but not too much of one. )
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2014-04-13 09:23 pm

Snorlax should be treated as a Legendary Pokemon in Kanto Nuzlockes.

Seriously, it should. :P Doubly so in Gen 1, where Amnesia is completely overpowered.
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2014-03-23 09:20 pm


I had no idea Weezing had such a high BST. I mean, it's actually a reasonable Pokemon if you don't completely botch its use like the in-game trainers do. I never realized it could learn freaking THUNDERBOLT.

I didn't know Houndoom's Sp. Atk was that high, either.

This isn't going to be related to anything for a while - I just wanted to note that because I was actually looking at the stats. Huh.
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2014-03-04 01:16 am

Now Sporking: Family Matters, Part 3/[???]

"Wait, yer tellin' me y' decided, outta nowhere, t' restart th' spork NOW?" the sandy-haired adolescent complains, abruptly dumped into the sporking room.


"We did get over a month off," his magenta-haired companion points out, dusting herself off as she rises from the floor.

"Too bad! Look at th' Little Miss Mary sporkers! Now there's a spork that ain't EVER goin' t' be finished!"

Are you seriously comparing Cori Falls, even at her worst, to Little Miss Mary?

He pauses, biting his lip, and then shakes his head. "Aw no. No, no, no, no, no." He raises his hands in a defensive gesture. "You ain't gonna make me spork ANYTHIN' resemblin' THAT fic."

Good. Now that we're clear...


Short this time, due to bizarre formatting errors and Mozilla memory leaks. )
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2014-02-27 04:15 pm


Was feeling moody earlier, but felt better after playing the Pokemon: Team Rocket Edition hack up to the end of the first Gym.
Blathering. )
Anyway, I've also had the chance to play further in Etrian Odyssey Untold.

I don't THINK there are any spoilers here except for the names of party members and the second Stratum's boss... )

I'm working, too, but have been gaming more to stave off feelings of hormonal angst. (Which are reasonably light so far, mind. It's just that, as I get better-adjusted, the angst is more of the uncertain and lonely kind than the enraged, depressive kind... so even though the intensity's decreased (praise the heavens, hallelujah), the unfamiliarity is strange to handle. I'm adjusting, though! Will probably be accustomed to it by the time the next hormone-swing cycle rolls around.)

Hope you're all doing well!
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2014-01-12 05:40 pm

Incidentally, I managed to do a walkaround of Yellow without Pokemon.

 Jump on Anything Code: 017136D7 (017135D7 in Yellow) 
Just DON'T GO OUT OF BOUNDS (instant crash) and DON'T WALK IN FRONT OF ANY TRAINERS. Walking ON Trainers is fine, mind. :V

Once I did something to make the map load incorrectly and turned all the sprites into Swimmers and Pokemon, but that's about all. Take a nice, scenic tour around Kanto! Pick up Eevee early! Buy a Magikarp! Enjoy the blissful peace of bouncing like Tigger.

(Irritatingly, I tried to Gameshark in the Dome Fossil but the scientist refused to take it. Bah humbug. Had to walk all the way to Celadon to get Pokemon for a playtest.)

I just used it to test some silly stuff without actually having to start a Yellow file, since I'm saving that for after I've ended one of my current Nuzlockes. I confirmed that I had the right Professor Oak codes, for one. For two, I managed to see Kanto's sights without boundaries... useful if I ever want to do any creepypasta or Missingno.-based stuff. (It is way, way too easy to murder the game by going out of bounds. Seriously, I had to take savestates because I kept taking wrong turns.) For three - yay, I know what Gameshark stuff is like now! :V

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2014-01-11 08:36 pm

[Pokemon] Just posting up some Butch + Cassidy crud I wrote last night.

Not that it's any good, mind, just that I figured I might as well not waste it. Of all the things about which to get inspired... @_@

Note: post-apocalyptic AU past the first section. )
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2014-01-09 06:20 pm

Hokay, time to do a new section of Poisoned Haven.

*sigh* I don't know what I'm worrying about. I HAVE Grass/Poison types out the kazoo, and the only thing you need to really do to survive Rock Tunnel is make sure you have something to OHKO Geodudes and Gravelers.

Now let me figure out what to call this Zubat. Let's see...

I didn't realize my Golbat had Confuse Ray! That makes it MUCH more useful. Mainly because I hate confusion and I hope the A.I. does too.

Managed to avoid any calamities from the Self-Destructers. Had a horrible moment where Absorb failed to OHKO, but the Graveler wasted its turn on Defense Curl instead and all was all right.





I just beat the ENTIRE Celadon Gym in 20 uses of Twineedle. While taking no damage EXCEPT from Tangela, which got off a few rounds of Bind due to being only Grass rather than Grass/Poison, because my Beedrill outsped every single one.

You see, Bug is super-effective against Poison in Gen 1, rather than being resisted by it. (They should have kept that. It actually makes Bug-type moves usable.) So all Grass/Poison Pokemon? Have a 4x weakness to Twineedle.

I just found what Beedrill's niche is supposed to be. You know how Butterfree's Lethal Joke entry notes that it's ideal for taking down Bruno? Beedrill just absolutely MAULED the Celadon Gym. And it wasn't overleveled, either. I just walked in with a level 24 Beedrill and walked out with a level 29 Beedrill and the Rainbowbadge.

Stopping for now. That was a VERY satisfying new section.

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2014-01-08 03:12 pm

Now Sporking: Family Matters, Part 1/[???]

A magenta-haired adolescent buries her face in her hands. "Can't you just go Nuzlocking?"
"Oh no! Jessie an' James are havin' a fight! But they get back together again, cry like babies, eat French toast, an' have sex fer four hours. An' Meowth's a furry." A scruffy-looking blond gets up from his seat. "There y' go, I just sporked it. So long!"
Nice try.



Trigger warning for abuse, abuse apologism, and a dysfunctional relationship. Jeez, this is feeling less like a French-toast-filed romance novel and more like Pokemon: 50SOG Version. )

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2014-01-05 10:03 pm

So I've beaten Clair in Randomized Crystal... just have to wait until afternoon tomorrow.

Doublepost issues, y'know.

Anyway, I managed to defeat her despite her carrying literally the worst Pokemon possible for my team as her ace. Thank heavens for screwed-up AI.

After her, it's the Elite Four, and then I can opt into Kanto or opt out of it as I please.

I should probably do Mono-Poison. It's not that the run itself is hard, it's that typing up all the dialogue wears on my nerves. Meh...

At least I beat Clair. After these two runs, if I do ANYTHING in Gens I+II, it will be a Yellow Rocketlocke (with Pikachu allowed) -> a Gold Rocketlocke [-> an Emerald Rocketlocke?], a MonoPoison Silver [->MonoPoison Sapphire], and a Vietnamese Crystal run. (For the Rocketlockes, I'll be playing with Absolute Promotion Clause on, so no Meowths for me in Gen II - so I lose nothing by playing in Gold.)

For the Rocketlockes, I'll be catching whatever comes up first on the route and using whatever's allowed, so I don't need to check locations. I know I'll get loads of Rattatas (/Poochyenas for Emerald), so I'll at least be able to start the game. (And heaven help me if I end up doing a Rattata (/Poochyena)-only run...)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to compile Poison-type locations from these two FAQs.

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2014-01-05 04:03 pm

(Tenative) Rocketlocke Hard Mode rules:

[These are first-gen rules only.]

1. A Rocket's gotta get in and out. You can only dawdle around enough to catch the first you see in an area, then skedaddle.
2. Ya gotta know who your subordinates are! Nickname all Pokemon.
3. It's a hard-knock life! Any Pokemon that faints is dead to ya.
4. Ya gotta hold up yer Rocket pride! Only the following evolutionary lines may be used:
RB: Sandshrew, Rattata, Zubat, Ekans, Machop, Drowsee, Grimer, Koffing, Cubone
Y: Meowth may also be used.
5. PROMOTION CLAUSE: (RBY) Upon any defeat of Giovanni, he promotes you. The evolutionary lines he used in that battle are unlocked.
First Battle: Onix and Rhyhorn unlocked. Kangashkan unlocked for RB ONLY.
Second Battle: Nidoran lines unlocked.
Gym Leader Battle: Diglett line unlocked.
6.  EXTENDED PROMOTION CLAUSE: Ya ain't a true Grunt unless you stick to yer proper ranks. No Pokemon may be evolved until its evolution has been fought.
(Machoke may be evolved to Machamp after the Fighting Dojo has been ransacked and its secrets seized.
If Cubone is obtained, it may be evolved after Marowak's ghost has been neutralized.)
7. (OPTIONAL) ABSOLUTE PROMOTION CLAUSE: Don't use Pokemon ya ain't got permission to use! No Pokemon except yer trusty Rattata may be used until you've fought a Grunt with that Pokemon.

[GSC modifications]

5. PROMOTION CLAUSE: Giovanni's been replaced by the Executives. Unlock lines accordingly.
(Yes, this does mean that Onix, Rhyhorn, Nidoran, Kangashkan, and Diglett are no longer allowed.)
6. EXTENDED PROMOTION CLAUSE: Unchanged, except that Machoke may be evolved after defeating Chuck. Cubone may be evolved after defeating Morty if obtained at Goldenrod's Game Corner in Crystal, and otherwise after defeating Brock. As Cubone is a legitimate line, it does not fall under the prior post's GAME CORNER CLAUSE.
7. (OPTIONAL) ABSOLUTE PROMOTION CLAUSE: Strictly speaking, this disallows you from using Sandshrew and Machop.

[RSE modifications]

As Team Rocket is officially toast, you'll have to do something else. Suggested modification:

With the Admins having given up the ghost, your branch has done its best to bled in with the locals. However, as you progress, you can be more open about your true allegiance.
4. HOENN CLAUSE: You're officially a member of Team... Whichever One Ain't Makin' A Nuisance Of Itself. Only the following evolutionary lines may be used:
Ruby: Poochyena, Zubat, Carvahna
Sapphire: Poochyena, Zubat, Numel
Emerald: Poochyena, Zubat, Carvahna, and Numel may be used, AND the Baltoy and Wailmer lines.
5. PROMOTION CLAUSE: After the first fight with each Aqua/Magma Admin, you may unlock the first Pokemon in a Kanto evolutionary line. The second is unlocked with the rematch. (Machamp cannot be unlocked. Period.)
6 + 7. EXTENDED PROMOTION CLAUSE + ABSOLUTE PROMOTION CLAUSE: Ya ain't a true Grunt unless you stick to yer proper ranks. No Pokemon may be evolved until its evolution has been fought. Except, since yer on the other team:
Unlock Numel (/unlock its evolution) after fighting Carvahna (/after fighting its evolution). Unlock Carvahna (/unlock its evolution) after fighting Numel (/after fighting its evolution).

For Emerald:
Unlock Wailmer after fighting Baltoy. Unlock Baltoy after fighting Wailmer.